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When did Apoorva Panidapu ‘s Parents Discover Her Mathematics Talent?

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Learning math skills at a young age is not a big deal, but being named a Human Calculator at a very young age is really significant achievement. And 15-year-old Apoorva Panidapu from California has achieved this milestone. She is an artist, public speaker, writer, and an aspiring mathematician. The young girl is also a passionate advocate for youth and gender minorities. 

In an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy, Apoorva Panidapu talked about her journey & achievements. She also told us about how her parents discovered her skills. Here is what she says:

How Apoorva Panidapu ‘s Mathematics Talent Was Discovered?

Watch Indian American 'Human Calculator' Apoorva Panidapu's Math-solving  Talent on TV
A math prodigy – Apoorva Panidapu

Apoorva used to love problem-solving and maths from a very young age. She had an especially love for numbers. At the age of six, she learned how to use the abacus. At that time, her parents recognized how passionate and excited this little girl was about all that. Apoorva always wanted to discover & learn more. The child prodigy told us that her parents have always been a supportive force by her side. They always encouraged Apoorva to learn new things. She went to a school until grade 5. After that, her parents decided to homeschool her because she was not feeling challenged at school. She began studying at home from class six.

Passionate About Equality

Apoorva has won the President’s Volunteer Service Award four times to recognize the volunteering hours and services that she does. The child prodigy is very passionate about gender equality, especially in STEM, because it’s still such a huge problem. She says that she has faced the same problem at some point in her life. In one of her first maths competitions, she met a guy who told her that Apoorva couldn’t do maths because she is a girl. She found it incredibly discouraging for a girl.

President’s Volunteer Service Award winner

She doesn’t want any girl or any person to face such a situation because it’s so wrong. Apoorva believes that Maths or STEM only depends on your problem-solving ability and on how passionate you are about it. Gender shouldn’t be a barrier.

Read Apoorva’s full interview blog.

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the first and only award ceremony to recognize talents from various countries and backgrounds. The GCP Award list includes children having extreme competency in their field such as painting, modeling, writing, music, dancing, sports, intelligence, etc. 

Apoorva Panidapu won the Global Child Prodigy award in January 2020 for her math skills. Her name was also among the top 100 prodigies of the year.

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Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at