Wang Yani – The Painting Phenom & A Former Prodigy

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Everyone in this world is known for their work, their personality, but very few leave a mark on society with their talent, skills, and contribution on societal grounds. We get amazed when we witness such rare talents of younger age. We call them “Wonderkid.”  Yes, one of the stories is about Wang Yani – the youngest child prodigy of her time, who astonished the world with her great paintings and artistic skills.

Early Life

Wang Yani was born on 2 May 1975 in Guangxi, Southern China. Her father was an oil painter and a teacher. Though, it encouraged her to upskill her rarity and style in society. She was only two when she began drawing her dreams. Her mother used to work in a department store and help Yani buy her art supplies from her salary.

Artist of the moment………..Wang Yani | galaxyofart
Wang Yani

Her father gave her a pet monkey, which became her favorite to paint about. Wang loves to draw monkeys, birds, baboons, cats ever since she started dancing her brushes. She was only three when she draws a monkey and traveled to demonstrate her paintings by the age of four. She uses some hundred years old Chinese brush techniques to paint her heart out, which contains animal hair, vegetable fiber paper-Xuan, and black liquid ink in it.

The Youngest Child Prodigy Of Her Time – Wang Yani

Once in an interview, Wang Yani said – She only paints for herself as she loves doing it, filling colors to her imagination and explores every genre of it.

Artist of the moment………..Wang Yani | galaxyofart
An amazing artist

Wang Yani came into the public eye when she was four and was a conventional onlooker of her paintings. She appeared on postage stamp when she was eight years old. Though when she turned fourteen, her work was manifested at London’s museum as a sole. Yani drew a painting entitled as “kitty” when she was three, which thereafter got exhibited at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery by Nelson Arkansas Museum of Art in Kansas, Missouri. One of her famous paintings was the “Lion is awake” she drew when she was eight years old.

An Incredible Artist

With the passage of time, Wang Yani witnessed colossal success and immense love globally. At the time, when this wonder girl turned sixteen, six different publications wrote about her in volumes, namely, Yani’s Monkeys, Wang Yani: Pictures by a Young Chinese Girl. 

Wang then portrayed her work in Germany and hence, started loving the place. She learned the German language and won a scholarship to study at the Academy of fine arts in Munich. Also, she worked all the hard to learn traditional techniques to express herself in her paintings. All her hardships and dedication led her to the New journey of her dreams and potential. She was unstoppable and therefore proved herself in the art world at a remarkable age. Because of her uniqueness and simplicity, the world calls her an ‘artist hero’ who never prides on her rarity and amazing talent. All she said is “She wants to paint and paint” and enjoy to the fullest. 

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