Viriya Rici, The Dancing Sensation Had An Exclusive Interview With Global Child Prodigy

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Viriya Rici, the 14-year-old dancing prodigy, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. The renowned Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and Humanitarian, Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, hosted the talk. He is also the Managing Director of Mangalam Educational Institutions. Mr. Kavin’s institutions serve more than 7000 students every year.

Through This Interview, Let’s Join Viriya Rici in His Inspiring Journey To Success.

Hello Viriya, How Are You? Tell Us A Little About Yourself

Break Dance Bocah Indonesia Bikin Juri Asia's Got Talent Melongo
Viriya Rici

Hello, my name is Viriya Rici. I’m feeling good. My age is 14 years, I’m from Indonesia, and I like to dance. I auditioned for Asia’s Got Talent when I was 11 years old. Currently, I’m in 8th Grade and, due to the pandemic, I’ve been attending school through online classes.

How’s the Pandemic Situation In Indonesia?

It’s not very good. But, still, people manage to study and work from home. I also try to use the available time to focus on myself and upgrade my abilities and skills.

When Did You Start Dancing?

I started dancing from the young age of 6 years. Since I was three years old, I loved listening to music and moving my body to the rhythm. As a child, I enjoyed doing hand movements and other dance steps while listening to music.

Did Your Parents See Your Talent?

Yes, they knew that I have the talent and that I can dance. Whenever I listened to Indonesian music or any other music, I would start moving my hands and perform dance steps from an early age. I could do facial expressions, headstands, and dance movements. So they took me to a community to make me learn more about dance. My parents support me in all my dancing endeavors.

Are You A Break Dancer?

Viriya Rici, the dancing prodigy

I have learned many dancing styles. So basically, I am a freestyle dancer. I can do breakdance, hip-hop, group dance, etc. I enjoy performing multiple dance forms.

Which Is The Most Popular Dance Forms In Indonesia?

I guess hip-hop and group dance are popular in Indonesia. We love performing all types of dance forms.

Do You Follow Bollywood Dance?

Yeah, I like to see Bollywood dance. I like following Bollywood dance moves.

How Did You Start Competing for Various Dance Events?

Before Asia’s Got Talent Season 2, I got an opportunity to perform for Asia’s Got Talent Season1, but I couldn’t make it big there. I failed in the Season1, so I decided to try again. In the next season, I went to Malaysia and performed in the semi-finals.

How Did It Feel Like To Perform In Malaysia?

I was a little scared and nervous at first, but my audience’s love and support motivated me. It boosted my spirit when I saw the audience cheering for me. I wanted to make them proud and show them some incredible dance moves. So, yes, it went well.

How Did Your Community React To Your Achievement?

Viriya Rici Judges' Audition Epi 3 Highlights | Asia's Got Talent 2017 -  YouTube
Viriya on Asia’s Got Talent

My community always appreciated my talent. They still support me and also want to learn some dance moves from me.

Do You Practice Every Day?

Yes, I practice every day. I spend 2 hours daily dancing and stretching my body.

Do You Have A Mentor?

Yes, I have one mentor, and he teaches me to breakdance and Sports Science.

Do You Exercise Regularly for Your Dance?

I exercise two times per week. My mentor guides me with the body, muscle training, and stretching.

How Does Popularity Feel For You?

I appreciate that my community supports me a lot, and they are the people who make me more popular. They provide me with endless support, and it feels incredible.

Where Have You Travelled As Yet?

I have been to Vietnam to participate in a dance battle fest, I have been to Japan to join Musical Drama. I have also visited Hong Kong and Singapore.

Do You Learn From All the Different Cultures And Their Dance Forms?

Yes, I love learning new dance forms. I enjoy exploring and learning traditional dance forms in various countries. Indonesia has different conventional dance forms; they inspire and challenge me.

Are You Looking To Travel To India Someday?

Yes, I hope that maybe someday I’ll get to travel to India.

How Did You Feel After Being Recognised By GCPA?

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee|Viriya Rici

I feel happy and honored to be recognized as one of the 100 global child prodigies. It feels wonderful.

Any Message For Your Audience?

I want to tell you that it’s essential to believe in yourself and your abilities. Never give up, even if the conditions don’t seem favorable. Keep trying, and you’ll reach your goal.

Thank you, Viriya Rici. You are a wonderful person. We wish you all the best for your future. May you get all the success in life.

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