This Ten-Year-Old Basketball Prodigy Nails Impossible Shots | Vinnie Walker

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“It’s never too early to shoot for your dreams.”


When he was still in diapers, one-year-old Vinnie Walker Jr. started shooting hoops. Right after blowing his first birthday candles, this Young boy from Wisconsin, United States, started practicing. His parents began posting videos of the best match actions on his Facebook page since he was six-years-old.

Vinnie Walker Pro Basketball Player

Being a part of this generation when we walk with plan B, Vinnie has only one goal in his life- to become a “Top Sportsman in the World.” He is an exceptional dribbler, left-handed, who wears number 2 jersey, which inspires him to follow his role model, Kyrie Irving, a six-time All-star and also won NBA championship as an American Professional Basketball player.

Recently one of his videos taken up by People are awesome, went viral, and crossed 2 million views on YouTube. Vinnie amazes everyone with his handles, which is merely breathtaking for a kid of this age.

The Future of NBA

Dribbling now has no secrets for him: between the legs, in the back, step back, everything works well for him! And his young, innocent opponents are not necessarily used to defending on a talent similar to their age. They see nothing but fire.

Global Child Prodigy Awardee

Lately, Vinnie Jr. has been recognized as the Top 100 Global Child Prodigies in the category of ‘Sports.’ He had competed with 15000 applicants from 45 different countries.

Global Child Prodigy Awardee

He emerged as the winner of the Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020. GCPAwards aims to recognize the 100 best prodigies of the World under the age of 15.

Future Aspiration

With a bruising hand and world-class agility, the teenage phenom can’t be stopped. Walker has the courage, vision, and drive to get better continually. He always enjoys discovering new moves. Vinnie trains six days a week so he can still be on the top of his game. His dream is to be in the NBA (National Basketball Association).

Vinnie Walker with his bestfriend
Vinnie Walker with his bestfriend

Like Vinnie Jr., we believe there are several more child prodigies we don’t know yet. If you think your child is a prodigy, register them at Global Child Prodigy Awards.

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