[Video] The Youngest Professional Illusionists, Kadan & Brooklyn Rockett, In 1 Minute

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Kadan Bart Rockett & Brooklyn Rockett are known worldwide for their unique take on magic skills. The brother-sister duo uses everyday objects to create hilarious and mind-blowing illusions. Moreover, Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett have traveled the world twice, & have appeared in 40 countries through their talent at such a young age. Although Brooklyn works as an assistant for his brother, she is also extremely talented.

Watch this short video to know all about Kadan & Brookyn Rockett:

Facts About The Brother-Sister Duo

  • Kadan & Brooklyn are known as the Youngest Professional Illusionists globally.
  • They made their first stage performance at the age of just one day.
  • They have worked in 6 movies together & Kadan was in the lead role in one of them.
  • Kadan is also famous as the Real-Life Harry Potter.
  • Kadan & Brooklyn have also won the Global Child Prodigy Award 2020 and are among the world’s Top 100 prodigies.

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