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Reuben Paul is an amazing Indian boy who became the CEO of a company when he was just 9-years-old. He has been recognized as a prodigy for his accomplishments at such a young age. This young boy has his eyes on the growing technology of the world. Reuben is already an accomplished app developer, hacker, cybersecurity expert, and CEO of Prudent Games, a game development firm. He is also a respected public speaker in the circle of hackers. 

Watch this short video to know all about him:

Facts About Reuben Paul

  • Reuben has been learning programming & information security from a very young age.
  • He founded Prudent Games and became its CEO at a young age.
  • He is also the founder of a cybersecurity & education organization.
  • Reuben is currently working on developing apps to make people aware of Cyber Security.
  • He won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 and was one of the Top 100 child prodigies of the world.

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