[Video] Kedar Narayan – The Little Entrepreneur In One Minute

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Kedar Narayan is a child prodigy in the field of innovation. When he was five years old, he loves Coding, Mathematics and Problem Solving. After he learned these things, he combined them for creating different websites and apps.  His mother is a computer scientist who quit her job to teach her child at home. “ The little Ninja” has created a website and app by his skills. His app has won The Award of International Innovation Challenge. 

Some facts about the “ Little Code Ninja” Kedar Narayan:

  • Kedar has been learning code since the age of five. He is also famous as the “ Little Code Ninja”.
  • He created a 3D board game, “Storibot”, to help visually impaired children learn how to code at five.
  • His invention earned him accolades at the Chicago Toy and Game Fair and the National Invention Convention and Entrepreneurship Expo in the US.
  • Kedar is the founder of “ Heart For Wildlife”, which is about selling nature-friendly products. Also, before the company, he created an app, “Pollinator for a Pet”, for providing endangered pollinators food and resources.
  • Kedar is among the winners of “ Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020” under the category of innovation.

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