[Video] Aswatha Biju-India’s youngest Paleontologist In One Minute:

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The Chennai girl Aswatha Biju became India’s youngest Paleontologist at just the age of 12. At the age of two, when other children’s are busy playing, her favourite book is Encyclopedia. She came across the picture of an ammonite at the age of five and mistook it with Shell. Later she came to know that it is a fossil. He went with her mother to the Egmore Museum, Chennai. From where she developed an interest in fossils. She taught herself about these things. She also began to make a collection of fossils.

Some Facts about the prodigy Aswatha:

  • Aswatha has a great collection of 114 fossil specimens, including varieties like vertebrates, chordates and flora.
  • When she was in fifth grade, she approached college professors and met Dr Mu Ramkumar of Periyar University. He recognised her as a young palaeontologist because of her advanced knowledge.
  • He also provided Biju with a route map of Ariyalur Bed. From there, she collected 26 specimens dating back thousands of year.
  • In 2020, she received a special mention award from the state government for her exceptional contribution to palaeontology. She was also certified and honoured by the Future Kalam Book of Records.
  • She was among the winners of the “ Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020” under Science.

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