Tips to raise grateful children

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Being thankful and saying it in words is one of the first social rules many parents teach their children, and of course, for good reasons. Every parent wants their kids to be appreciative and not take things for granted and learn to be grateful. This can improve kids’ relationships, ability to empathize, and overall happiness. And, If you are looking for meaningful tips to raise grateful kids, here are some ways you can put to practice:-

1.Take the lead

Parents are the role models of their children.

Kids learn a lot from their parents. They’re the role models for their children. Hence, it becomes their responsibility to show them what it means to be grateful. They can do so by offering a genuine “thank you!” to a waitress who serves you food, a helpful fellow, someone who pulls the door for you. This shows that you value them and their efforts. But this doesn’t stop here; include your kids as well. Thank your child for helping you, even in little chores. Just let them know that they are praised for their care they show towards you.

2.Pinpoint generosity.

You should draw attention to something done by people in good faith when they are not expected. Also, teach your child to do that. For example, helping without being asked, being exceptionally caring, or taking extra time to do something because it’s important for someone or the other. It is one of the best tips to raise grateful kids.

3.Have a conversation

Some kids, especially young children, find it difficult to express themselves. Having a conversation with them can help to make them understand how showing appreciation makes other people feel. If he/she hesitates, then first ask your child how he/she feels when people say thank you for doing something nice, and then how when they don’t. When he/she faces the same thing, they will understand how his/her behavior affects others. This will make it easier to understand the emotional benefits of being grateful.

4.Find other ways to appreciate

Parents can help kids make thank you cards as a token to show their appreciation.

Making cards or putting them in words is just not the only way to show our gratitude towards someone. There are a lot of other ways to show our appreciation. You should try some exciting ways to assist your child when he/she isn’t comfortable talking to strangers. For example, giving a smile or a thumbs up if someone holds the door for you, taking a selfie together, cooking favorite cuisine for someone who helped you in need, drawing a thank you picture, and so on. This also makes your bond more substantial than before. This is one of the best tips to raise grateful children.

5.Give an outlook

Tell your kids about people who are not as fortunate as them. Don’t let them take anything for granted. If they are receiving proper food, clothes, luxuries, be grateful. Guide them about the realities of life, that not everyone has the facilities they have at home. People outside don’t even get their daily meal properly; one should be grateful for whatever they have today. Develop empathy for others and gratitude for their privileges.

Things are constant till you value them. When you don’t, you are losing yourself. Do tell us in the comments if you want to add to our tips to raise grateful children.

Team Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting.

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