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This 15-year-old Entrepreneur is Targeting 100 crore turnover by 2020 | Tilak Mehta

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

-Walt Disney

There is no age barrier for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. It is the spirit of curiosity to do something better, to bring a change, or to solve a problem.15 Years Old Tilak Mehta, Founder of Paper n Parcel, is the World’s Youngest Entrepreneur who made a Digital Courier Company by providing One-Day parcel service, with the help of “Mumbai Dabbawala.”

Mumbai: 13 Year Old Tilak Mehta started Logistics Company PNP ...

From School-boy to Entrepreneur:

Tilak is no other than any teenager in India. He is a typical 8th grader at Garodia International School in Mumbai, who still complains about his father, Mr. Vishal Mehta, coming home from the office late. 

It was not until one day when an incident occurred, where Tilak wanted a few books from another end of the city urgently. He couldn’t ask his father as he came home tired after day’s work. So, Mehta was left with no options but to wait for another day and got amazed when his father told him that the courier charges to deliver the book would cost even more than the book itself!

A dream called 'Papers N Parcels' - Meet the 13-year-old boy who ...

From there, Tilak got the inspiration from The Dabbawallas, whose swiftness and efficiency to deliver food items across the city, which is always on time and is very cheap. Mehta wanted to use this network chain to parcel even the non-food items across the town. Papers N Parcels is the startup which provides door to door pick-up & delivery services ranging from a pen to all your essential documents.

When asked about his young age, Tilak Mehta said it didn’t matter if I am young and still in school. I took it up as a problem that is waiting and wanting to be solved. And after that, there was no turning back!

A dream called ‘Papers N Parcels’:

The vision of Tilak is to “Make everyone’s life easier no matter if they are a delivery partner, a Dabbawala or a loyal customer”.

Tilak Mehta in Paper N parcel

The startup is primarily based on a mobile application that has more than 200 employees. Apart from it, more than 300  Dabbawalas are connected to his startup, which delivers around 1200 parcels daily to their destination on the same day.

Tilak said that” Papers N parcels is my dream. And I will work with my full efficiency to increase it.”

Future Aspirations and Goals:

Tilak said that current customers of Pathology Labs, Boutique Shops, and a Brokerage Company are taking their services the most. 

Mehta is planning to have a grand launch of his comapny where he would have a 20 percent partnership in the Intra-City Logistics market in Mumbai and Rs 100 crore turnover by the year 2020. 

Tilak inspires the youth and believes that “Any ordinary kid curious enough to know the Why, When and What about everything can be an Entrepreneur. Even though we may face overwhelming odds in our journey, what important is to keep moving forward.”

Tilak mehta winning Global Child prodigy awards
Tilak Mehta recently winning Global Child Prodigy Awards

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Suyash |Ninja writer| |Blogger| |SEO Analyst| Content Strategist at Global Child Prodigy Awards.

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