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Tiger Woods – A Former Prodigy With Extraordinary Golf Skills:

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Many child prodigies the world know for their talent, And one of them is Tiger Woods. Tiger is a prodigy in Golf’s field, who had attracted the world towards him by his talent. His skills are excellent. His talent has made him an admirer among the people. 

Early life and background:

Born on 30 December 1975, Tiger Woods is an American Golf Player. His father Earl was a retired US Army officer. Tiger’s earlier name was Eldrick Tont, chosen by his mother, Kultida.  His mother gave him the name Eldrick because it starts with E(Earl) and ends with K(Kultida). His Middle name is a traditional Thai name “Tont”. In honour of his father’s friend, Col. Vuong Dang Phong, known as Tiger, he also nicknamed Tiger.

The golf prodigy – TIGER WOODS:

Tiger is a child prodigy and his father Earl woods is an Athlete. His father introduced golf to him before the age of two.

Tiger Woods

When Woods was five years old, he appeared in Golf Digest and on ABC’s That’s Incredible. According to his father Earl, Woods defeated his first time at the age of 11, while Earl was trying his best to win. His first national junior tournament is 1989 BigI. Woods had his first national junior tournament at the age of 13.

He became the youngest junior US Junior Amateur at the age of 15. It was a record that broke in 2010. He also plays a part in many winning teams. In 1994, at the age of 18, Tiger graduated from Western High School.

Professional golf career:

In August 1996, Tiger turned 20 and started his professional career. Also, he won many titles in the same year. He won the first major, the masters, in a record-breaking fashion that makes him tournaments’ youngest winner at the age of 21, on April 13, 1997.

The Golf Prodigy Tiger Woods had many achievements during his professional golf career. 

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He underwent laser eye surgery two times, first in 1999 and the second time in 2007, but he immediately returned to his work and set more and more records.

In 1948, Ben Hogen set a record longest winning streak on PGA tour. Woods set a record by winning six consecutive games, which was the longest winning streak since 1948. He became the youngest golfer to achieve the Career Grand Slam, at the age of 24. One of his achievement is Tiger Slam. He went through several surgeries during his career, but every time he returned to golf and performed well. Woods achievements include 84 official PGA Tour, including 15 major. According to some golf experts, Wood is the “ greatest closer in the history”.Woods won 2013 Player’s Championship, and his this victory marked a win in his 300th PGA Tour start.

He is among the five players to win all four major championships in his career, known as Career Grand Slam and was the youngest.

Writing his achievements in a few words is not possible. He is a person to admire and also who inspire everyone with his success from a young age.

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Mansi Satywali
Mansi Satywali Creative Content Writer at GCPA |  Experienced in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at