This 10-year-old Girlpreneur Founder of ‘CoderBunnyz’ & Rejects Job offer From Google.

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“Don’t worry about failure worry about the chances you miss when you don’t even try.”

-Samaira Mehta

When everyone during this age is busy watching Cartoon Network, admiring Tom and Jerry show and Powerpuff Girls, Samaira Mehta became the first “real life Powerpuff Girl.”

When she was just six years old her father, Rakesh Mehta, an IIT-Delhi Alumni and Intel Employee. Introduced her to the world of coding while he was playing a prank with her. The Game consisted of a button and a command which says “Press this if you are beautiful”. Samaira pressed the button an awe expression came to her face. Her father taught the concept of the game which sparked the interest of coding in her.

Samaira Mehta with his board Game CoderBunnyz

Samaira has taken silicon valley by storm! She is the Keynote speaker for more than 60 workshops for Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, and Intel.

She fell in love with coding at just the age of six, and now she is the Founder and CEO of ‘CoderBunnyz’. A platform to strengthen children to learn to code and become leaders in tech.

CoderBunnyz: Making technology fun :

Speaking to Medium, Samaira says

“I always loved board games, and I always loved computer programming, but I didn’t like the fact that I had to do both of them separately. So I thought if I can’t bring board game onto a computer coding screen, so why not bring the computer coding to a board game. And that’s when I got the idea to create a coding board game, and that’s what I’m doing today.”

Samaira Mehta Young Entrepreneur

She is deeply inspired by Barrack Obama and Michelle Obama. During one interview of President Barrack Obama once said, “coding is the future, and the entire nation needs to know how to code. Inspired from these words, she decided to initiate a program to make learning easy for children”. That is when she developed the idea of a Board game.

Up to know, she has taught more than 2000 children to code and also won a $ 2,500-second prize from Think Tank Learning’s Pitchfest 2016.

Inspired by the former first lady of the United States Of America, She started the initiative called Yes, 1 Billion Kids Can Code.

Where she motivated other people who have bought CoderBunnyz set to donate to their school and organization so that other children who couldn’t afford the set can also buy one. She wants an equal opportunity for everyone who aspires to learn to code.

An Entrepreneur In Making:

One of the best moments in her carrier came when she met Google Chief Culture Officier, Stacy Sullivan, after when she conducted a workshop for a Tech Giant.

In an interview with the Business insider, Samaira said that,”

“After my back-to-back workshops at Google headquarters, we talked for an hour. She told me I was doing great and once I get out of college, I can come work for Google,”

Samaira Mehta In ted Talk

Google made a clear offer to Samaira, which will indeed be a dream come true for many, but she replied to Sullivan. “She’s happy being an entrepreneur and didn’t know if she wanted to join Google!”.

The company she founded earned national media recognition with websites like NBC and Medium covering stories on her.

One among TOP 100 Prodigies in the World:

The Global Child Prodigy Award is a platform to celebrate fresh and young prodigious talent. Which posses capabilities in a plethora of categories such as dancing, music, arts, writing, acting, modeling, science, innovation, sports, astrology, etc.

One of the supreme talents we got is Samaira, who has excelled in Invention. She expressed her gratitude towards GCPA and was filled with enthusiasm. We reached out to her through her achievements and awarded this recognition for her future endeavors.

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