The Youngest Competitive Motorcyclist of Ukraine | Tima Kuleshov

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“Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.” – Michael Jordan.

While most kids are just daydreaming about riding a motorbike, Tima Kuleshov started riding a bicycle when he was just two-years-old and graduated to a mini motorbike at only two and a half. He has amazed people worldwide through his exceptional motorcycle skills at such a young age. The 7-years-old sports maniac drives a mini car, a motorcycle, skis, and does trampoline. It seems it’s never too early to get into motorsport.

Tima Kuleshov
The youngest competitive motorcyclist| Tima Kuleshov

Tima, Supported By His Passionate Parents 

“Yes, we are worried that he is riding a motorcycle, but in this life, a bad thing can happen regardless of who you are or what you are doing!” – Tima’s father says.

Tima Kuleshov

The Baby Biker Tima lives in Ukraine with his family. His parents Alexander and Victoria, always appreciate their child and support his passion. Alexander says, “Tima went on a bicycle for the first time when he was 23-months-old, only at this age was he able to get to the pedals. At one year, we gave him a Strider balance bike.”

The Child Prodigy with exceptional skills

Kuleshov began riding a bicycle before he was two years old and started competing in motorcycle competitions when he was just four years old. Tima loves speed and attention, just like every child, but he does not brag to anyone. The unique child does not even say that he is a motorcyclist. Tima’s proud parents say that their little thrill-seeker can test their nerves, but, as his other hobbies include trampolining and skiing, they know that his need for speed is not letting up.

Tima Kuleshov holds the records for Ukraine’s Youngest Motorcyclist.

The child prodigy started participating in bicycle competitions at a very young age and often takes first place. Alexander says that Tima doesn’t have any competitors in Ukraine. He has already become the youngest motorcyclist in Ukraine.

Ukraine’s youngest motorcyclist| Tima Kuleshov

The baby biker is now trying to find decent competition amongst his age group. His fastest motorcycle reaches 72km – or 45mph. Tima has participated in children’s motto competitions in Ukraine and Russia. People all around the world call him ‘Baby Biker.’

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Winner of Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the first and only organization globally to recognize talents from various countries and backgrounds. The GCP Awards list includes the children having extreme competency in their field of interest, such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc. 

Tima Kuleshov
Global Child Prodigy Awardee

Tima Kuleshov received the Global Child Prodigy award in January 2020 for sports. The Baby Biker was very happy to receive the award, as it was one of his most significant achievements. If you know someone close to you who deserves to be on the top 100 Child Prodigies list, make sure to click here.

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