The Young Chess Grandmaster, R Praggnanandhaa, In A Talk With GCP Awards

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R. Praggnanandhaa, the 14-year-old chess prodigy, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. Mr Prashant Pandey, Co-founder & CEO at GCPA, hosted the talk.

Let’s get to know the inspiring story behind R. Praggnanandhaa’s success in this interview.

Hello Praggnanandhaa, please introduce yourself.

I’m 14 years old. I’m India’s second youngest grandmaster. I live in Chennai.

How hard was it to win the World Chess Championship?

Well, it’s not easy. I work hard every day. I’m still working on my skills. Every victory motivates me to do better.

How did you get interested in chess?

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R Praggnanandhaa

It started when my parents persuaded my sister to learn chess and to draw to distract her from watching television. So, she picked up chess, and I followed her. My parents bought me a chessboard, and at the age of two and a half years, I learnt how to arrange pieces. At that young age, I also knew how the chess pieces move. From the age of five years, I started participating in various chess tournaments. 

Do you follow any specific chess style?

I try to be a universal player. I try to focus on all styles and aspects.

How many hours in a day do you practice chess?

I practice for around five to six years daily.

How do you manage studies and chess?

My school has been a big support. It helps me manage studies in a way that I can focus well on chess.

Do you compete with your sister?

My sister is a very strong competitor. We play chess and compete with each other at home. It helps us prepare for tournaments. 

Any memories related to chess?

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The young chess grandmaster

I remember playing against Vishwanathan Anand in 2018. It was an excellent experience for me. I played two games against him. One game, I was close to a draw. After the game ended, we both analysed our chess moves. He helped me with that. It’s always wonderful talking to him.

Do you feel any pressure while representing India?

I don’t try to focus on the results. I just try to play my game in the best way possible. In my opinion, it’s important not to worry about the results. It helps you focus more on the game.

What alternate profession would you have chosen if not chess?

Maybe a Doctor or maybe some other sports.

What are your hobbies?

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A chess prodigy

My hobbies are table tennis, cricket, and badminton.

Who is your inspiration?

Anand sir is my biggest inspiration. He came to our school after he became the World Champion. Our school felicitated him. When I saw him there, I wanted to be like him one day. He is my role model.

What is the role of your parents in your journey?

My parents are extremely supportive. My mother comes with me to most of my tournaments. They get really happy when I win. At times when I lose, they encourage me to do better.

Do you read chess books?

Yes, I read chess books. They help me learn new tactics and improve my game.

Do you have a vision?

Well, I want to improve my rating and go to the top elite. I work hard to achieve it. It feels wonderful to represent India. When you hear your national anthem play after a win, it makes you so proud and overwhelmed. 

How does it feel to be called a prodigy?

I’m honoured to get the Global Child Prodigy Award. It makes me happy.

Any tips for your audience?

I want to tell everyone that it’s important to focus on the game and not worry about the results. Enjoy your journey, and do your best.

Watch full interview of R Praggnanandhaa:

Message from GCPA.

Thank you, R. Praggnanandhaa. You are a charming and adorable young girl. We wish you all the best for your future. May you get all the success in life.

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