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Stacey Fru is the perfect example of how social impact can be created by anyone despite their age. Stacey is an accomplished author at a young age and has won multiple awards for her books. She wears many hats as she is a philanthropist, a ballerina, a musician, a public speaker, and an author.

Stacey has  5 published books– ‘Smelly Cats,’ ‘Bobbing The Snake,’ ‘Smelly Cats On The Vacation,’ which is a sequel to Smelly Cats, ‘Tim’s Answer,‘ and ‘Where is 10.‘ Stacey was awarded during the Arab Africa Youth Platform 2019 by the honorable President of Egypt. She has garnered a lot of praise and attention for her foundation, Stacey Fru Foundation.

Stacey Fru

She talked about her foundation in a conversation with Global Child Prodigy Awards. The talk was hosted by Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, a renowned Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and Humanitarian. At the end of the interview, Mr. Kavin also announced to donate 1000 masks developed under one of his ventures to the Stacey Fru Foundation.

What is the Stacey Fru Foundation about?

Stacey Fru Foundation is based on safety, security, and education for young children in underprivileged areas. The foundation carries various outreach programs such as the African for the child campaign. The objective of the foundation is to encourage people to donate books written by African authors to inspire African reading culture in the youth of the country. The foundation also does the safety and security campaign for the children aimed to educate children on the various dangers of safety and security. The foundation also runs the African Children of The Year Awards to empower the children who are doing great in their community.

Stacey Fru

The aim of Stacey Fru Foundation

According to her website, The SFF sustains Stacey’s unlimited urge to donate items like books, computers, clothing and food to children and adults alike. In fact, Her major concerns are evident in her writings and her talks themed; Illiteracy, Selflessness, Ignorance, Poverty/Inequality, Religion, Jealousy, Safety and Security, Respect, kindness, Honesty, Love, Health, Family and Friendship, Difference, Abuse, Role Models, Trafficking, Kidnapping, Culture, etc.

Stacey displays clear leadership qualities and has dedicated her life to teach, motivate and encourage others. Moreover, She is determined to raise her voice against Child Kidnapping, Child Trafficking, General Safety and Security. Epworth Children Village is one of the many places that benefits from her foundation. She gives away books and bonds with young children there.

Winner of the Global Child Prodigy Awards

Stacey Fru received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020. She was also among the Top 100 Child Prodigies of the year. Stacey Fru termed the Global Chlid Prodigy Award Ceremony as absolutely empowering.

The International Child Author Had An Exclusive Interview Under Prodigy  Talks | Stacey Fru

The Global Child Prodigy is the world’s first child prodigy initiative. It is one of its kind organization that brings deserving children from all around the world into the spotlight. The GCPA celebrates child prodigies all around the world from various fields such as academics, painting, modelling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc.

If you know someone close to you who deserves to be on the top 100 Child Prodigies list, make sure to click here.

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