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How This 8-year-old Teaches Complex Maths & Physics Problems | Soborno Isaac Bari

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Some people are born with a natural talent, and Soborno Bari is one among them. He is only 8-years-old and is a Professor at such a young age. Popularly known as ‘Soborno Isaac Bari,’ the child prodigy has amazed everyone through his intelligence. Named after Sir Isaac Newton, he is the youngest professor worldwide, and people also call him the Einstein of our time. 

How Soborno Isaac Bari’s Talent Was Discovered?

Calculus 1: Product Rule by Soborno Isaac - YouTube

Soborno was able to talk in full sentences when he was just 6-months-old. His parents discovered his talent when they came to know that he could solve Physics, Math, and Chemistry problems very quickly at the age of 2 years. They shared his videos on social media, and initially some local TV channels in New York featured him. After some time, Isaac Bari was then invited to test his intelligence by Voice of America (VOA). The young genius became the youngest person ever to be in conversation with VOA. The Bengali-American prodigy has also authored a book aiming at spreading peace and happiness.

Soborno’s talent got global recognition soon and his parents got a message to change his name to Isaac, after Sir Isaac Newton. However, his parents initially didn’t pay much attention to it, they soon recognized their son’s ability, and he got the name ‘Soborno Isaac Bari.’ 

Bari Science Lab - Soborno Isaac Bari

How The Young Genius Solves Complex Physics & Math Problems?

Soborno used to solve addition problems with his mom when he was just 2. Once he said something that was never taught to him. The little boy said, “If 1 +1 is 2, then n + n should be 2n.” It was a genius answer as he was only 2-years-old at that time. His parents were shocked and started giving him mathematics exercises regularly. Soborno was able to to solve all the problems given to him.

The little professor teaches computer science and physics at MIT. At such a young age, he also writes programs for the space station robots of NASA. Soborno went to Washington for an interview and he answered some Phd level questions there. That interview went viral and he became an internet sensation at that time.

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

The Global Child Prodigy is the only organization globally to recognize young talents from various countries and backgrounds. The GCP Awards list includes the children having extreme competency in their field of interest, such as painting, entrepreneurship, martial art, modeling, writing, music, social work, etc. 

Soborno Isaac Bari won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020. Moreover, he was among the Top 100 Child Prodigies of the year. If you know any such kid close to you, make sure to click here.

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