Soborno Isaac Bari ‘s Inspirational Message To Overcome Math Anxiety

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Some people amaze this world through their extraordinary skills. One such person is Soborno Isaac Bari, an 8-year-old brilliant boy. He started showing exceptional skills when he was just one and can now solve higher mathematics and physics problems easily. He is the youngest professor in the world. This child prodigy is also known as the ‘Einstein of our time.’ Isaac Bari has managed to catch global attention through his intelligence and unique skills.

In an interview with Global Child Prodigy, Soborno shares some tips to overcome math anxiety. Here is what he says:

Soborno’s Tips To Eliminate Math Anxiety

Soborno is also a writer, and he told us that he is planning to write a book to help people eliminate math anxiety. He said that he heard somewhere about math anxiety. He came to know that some people are so afraid of maths that they think that they can’t even solve a simple math problem. Twenty percent of the world population has math anxiety.

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Soborno Isaac Bari

This little professor says. “Try to persevere in the subject you are learning. Don’t give up very quickly. That’s how you can get rid of your math anxiety. Math anxiety means you will not be able to solve a problem even if you are working hard. But, it is an incorrect philosophy. If you try enough, eventually you get it right.”

Soborno Isaac Bari ’s Future Goals

Little Isaac Bari really loves to do maths. He likes not only maths but also physics and chemistry. He says that he sees himself getting more and more interviews in the future. He also aims to go to universities and teach as a Physics professor. Soborno wants to explore Dynamics and Kinematics.

The child prodigy, Soborno, follows his heart, and we believe that he would surely achieve all his goals. 

Watch Soborno’s full interview video:

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

Soborno Isaac Bari won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for his exceptional intelligence. He was also one of the Top 100 child prodigies in the world.

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GCPA 2020 Awardee

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the first and only award ceremony that celebrates child prodigies worldwide. It recognizes the children having exceptional skills in their field of interest such as writing, singing, dancing, mathematics, entrepreneurship, etc. 

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