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Signs Of Addiction To Video Games That Every Parent Needs To Know

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It is now very common among children & teenagers to play video games. Computers and mobile devices make it easy for them to play a game at any given time or place. Although there are various positive effects of video games, addiction to them is not at all good. Parents should start looking for signs of video game addiction. Playing video games can result in showing negative effects when children and teenagers start to neglect other things in their lives to play video games. Following are the signs of addiction to video games that parents should know:

Physical Signs of Addiction To Video Games

1. Poor Personal Hygiene

Video Game Addiction: These Are the Warning Signs to Look Out For | Fortune

It is well-known that teenagers become lost with any addiction. They start neglecting even the most essential daily tasks like taking care of personal health. Over time, children & teenagers tend to put less time into their appearance and overall cleanliness in general.

2. Physical Problems

Playing video games consistently for hours can have many negative effects on children’s physical health. Eyestrain can produce dry or red eyes. Moreover, soreness in the fingers, neck, or back is also common. Headaches may also start to occur on a regular basis.

Psychological Signs Of Video Game Addiction

1.Mood Swings

If your child goes from being angry to feeling calm and relaxed while playing video games may be showing a sign of video game addiction. After being addicted, a child can take video game strategies as a way of coping with difficult life issues.

2. Withdrawal Symptoms

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When a video game-addicted child would be unable to play, he/she might experience anger feelings, and frustration. Such a situation can even make them feel depressed.

3. Preoccupation with Video Games

Preoccupation with a pursuit is one of the key signs of any type of addiction. Children & teenagers who eat, drink, sleep and always talk about video games when not engaged in the activity have become obsessed or preoccupied with it.

Behavioral Signs of Video Game Addiction

1. Declining Interest in School Performance

When a child gets addicted to video games, he/she finds it best to just play & ignore every other thing. Under such situations, there are very high chances that their interest in academics will start to decline.

2. Loss of Interest in Other Activities

Addiction and Internet Gaming Disorders Findings | Children and Screens

When it comes to video games addiction signs, one of the key signs is that addicted children will spend more and more time at the game controls. They will no more take interest in the activities they used to enjoy the most.

3. Increased Aggression

Video game-addicted children will feel angry when they’ll not be able to play for some reason. It is observed that such children can show increased aggression when someone stops them from playing video games.

We hope that the article will help parents to know if their children are addicted to video games or not. The Global Child Prodigy team gives best wishes to all the parents. Happy Parenting!

Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at