The 11-Year-Old Girl Is Inspiring The Youth – Sheilah Sheldone Charles

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Sheilah Sheldone Charles is an 11-years-old amazing artist from Kenya, Mombasa. Moreover, she is a designer, a model, a singer, a public speaker, and an upcoming actress. When she was 5-years-old, she discovered her talent. Sheilah told her mom that she loves art. Her mom was surprised when she saw some of Sheilah’s drawings. So, her mom once asked Sheilah to draw her, and the fantastic young artist did the same. After that, she recognized her daughter’s talent and started supporting her. 

In a candid talk with Global Child Prodigy, Sheilah talked about how she is working to help the community. Keep reading for more information!

An Inspiration For The Young People|Sheilah Sheldone

Sheilah Sheldone is a multi-talented prodigy with an excellent heart. She keeps inspiring young children to follow their passion. She went to the US to teach young children at the community school. She taught them how to paint and draw. She got the award for Youngest Lioness of 2018 from Tese Foundation; she was the youngest girl from Africa who was helping the community. 

“I am proud of all of my talent, but I’m most proud of following my heart. I also feel glad that I can change children’s lives as I inspire them to follow their passion.” – Sheilah Charles.

The art prodigy, Sheilah, believes that everyone is a child prodigy, and a few like her have been discovered. She inspires the youth to keep following their dreams and do whatever you love. She also says that it would be best if you always believe that you can. 

Sheilah Sheldone’s Inspiration

Sheilah told us that Oprah Winfrey and Ellen De Generes inspired her a lot in helping people. In art, she is inspired by Leonardo da Vinci. In modeling, her inspiration is Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell.

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

The Global Child Prodigy Awards is the first and only organization globally to recognize talents from various countries and backgrounds. having extreme competency in their field of interest such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc. 

global child prodigy awards Sheilah Charles
Sheilah Charles at Global Child Prodigy Award ceremony

Sheilah Sheldone Charles received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for her art and She was also among the top 100 prodigies of the year. She was happy to receive the award as it was one of her most significant achievements.

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