Ruby Isaac, The Cycling Prodigy, In A Candid Talk With Global Child Prodigy

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Ruby Isaac, the 12-year-old cycling enthusiast, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. The renowned Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and Humanitarian, Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, hosted the talk. He is also the Managing Director of Mangalam Educational Institutions. Mr. Kavin’s institutions serve more than 7000 students every year.

Let’s get to know the inspiring story behind Ruby Isaac’s success in this interview.

Hello Ruby, How Are You? Tell Us A Little About Yourself

Hello, I’m good. I’m Ruby Isaac, and my age is 12 years. I’m from North Hampshire, and I really like cycling.

How long have you been cycling?

Sir, I learned to ride a bike when I was seven years old. At the age of 8, I had my first bike race. 

Tell us about your journey.

When I was about eight years old, I did my first bike race and enjoyed it a lot. I wanted to continue doing more races. My dad brought me my Tacx rollers, and I learned to do tricks on them and started filming my stunts. Then, I posted my videos on Instagram and YouTube. 

Ruby Isaac: The Littlest Specialized Ambassador — BEN WALTON FILMS
The cycling prodigy | Ruby Isaac

‘Specialized‘ was the first brand to see what I was doing, and they decided to sponsor me. They took me to California, and I got a chance to interview some of the famous riders. 

After some time, I had a contract and became part of the famous bike brand team- ‘Trek-Segafredo.’ They were supportive and gave me some excellent advice. I consider them to be my mentor.

Do your parents like cycling?

No, I’m the only cyclist in the family. I have an elder brother; he is 16 years old. He doesn’t enjoy cycling as much as I do.

Tell us a little about your sponsorship with Specialized.

They allowed me to interview some of the best riders, and I also got an idea of the professional cycling world. They took me to California and gave me the most beautiful bike ever. So, it was a wonderful experience.

How do you create a balance between school and cycling?

I enjoy school. For me, school always comes first. As I’m in senior school, I get a lot of homework. It is essential for me to get good grades in school and demonstrate excellent academic performance. So, I always try to maintain a balance and focus on my studies.

Have you considered homeschooling?

Riding Bikes with Ruby Isaac - 12 Year Old Cyclist

No, I really like going to school. So, I don’t think homeschooling is an option for me; I prefer going to school.

How did your friends react to the fame and recognition you got?

My friends always check out my Instagram and YouTube, and they follow my posts. Whenever I get a chance to participate in an event or show, they are still excited to know what I did there. They are supportive friends and always motivate me in my journey.

With fame comes responsibilities. Do you feel the same, and how do you manage it?

Yes, absolutely. I always try my best to encourage kids to go cycling. When I film my tricks and post my videos online, I always follow proper safety measures and tell kids to take care of their safety. I make sure to wear a helmet while performing my stunts and spread the right message. I love to inspire young kids.

Who handles your social media accounts?

This 12-Year-Old Cycling Enthusiast Is A Prominent YouTuber | Ruby Isaac -  GCP Awards Blog
Ruby Isaac cycling

My parents do that. They handle all my Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter accounts. They post photos and ask me what captions I would like to give for my photos. So, they look after all that.

Tell us about your YouTube channel.

My YouTube channel is going right; videos are doing well. I always wish to do more to inspire kids. I do videos teaching kids how they can do what I do, and they enjoy the videos a lot.

Tell us about your experience at Little Big Shots.

I had a fantastic experience at the ‘Little Big Shots.’ One of the favorite things was meeting Steve Harvey. He is so funny, and I enjoyed meeting him. 

Do you have a vision for yourself? 

I plan to continue cycling as I grow older. I dream of becoming a professional cyclist, doing more races, and finally getting to the Olympics.

How does your being recognized by the Global Child Prodigy Awards make you feel?

Winner of Global Child Prodigy Award 2020 – Ruby Isaac

I’m proud to have been regarded as one of the hundred young child prodigies. I believe that if, from this, I could only inspire one kid to start cycling, it would be amazing.

Any message for your audience?

I would like to tell them that when you’re doing cycling, have fun. If it gets tough, keep doing it and never give up; very soon, it will get better. So have fun and keep doing it.

Thank you, Ruby Isaac. You are a wonderful person. We wish you all the best for your future. May you get all the success in life.

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