P Sanjana the 5-Year-Old Is A Guinness Book Of World Records Holder

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P Sanjana is a 5-year-old girl from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. She got her name in the Guinness Book of World Records by shooting 1,111 arrows in just 3.5 hours. The little girl hit the target that was eight meters away. She has managed to catch the worldwide attention at such a young age.

Family & Early Life Of P Sanjana

Sanjana does not belong to a sports family. Her father works at a government hospital in Chennai, and her mother is a housewife. Her parents have decided to support her interest in archery, and they keep accelerating her potential to be an Olympian in the future.

3-Year-Old Chennai Girl P Sanjana Shoots 1111 Arrows For Guinness World  Record
P Sanjana

Sanjana’s father, Premnath, recalls their daughter’s determination for the sport.She received a bow and arrow as a gift on her second birthday. After that, she used to play only with the bow and arrow. Sanjana used to take it everywhere with her, and she did not like to play with other toys.

Sanjana’s coach, Shihan Hussaini, said that “when her parents brought Sanjana, I could instantly feel the fire in her. I knew there was a child prodigy in the making. She is only the second youngest student whom I have trained. I have never seen this kind of obsessive fixation for shooting. She is definitely going to be an Olympian in the future.”

Guinness Book Of World Records Holder | P Sanjana

The kindergarten student’s stamina and diligence won her fame and admiration at the MGR Janaki College. The official observers from the SAAA (South Asia Archery Association) submitted the details to Guinness World record seeking recognition.

three Year Old Chennai Girl P Sanjana Shoots 1111 Arrows For Guinness World  Record
The World Record Holder

According to the Guinness World Record norms, Sanjana used to take breaks for five minutes after every hour. The young girl took only three and a half hours to finish shooting over a thousand arrows. There were rare moments when she missed the target. She became the record holder with a big smile on her face. She has been practicing every day for more than four hours after school. Sanjana practiced a lot, and her hard work paid off. It was a challenge for her coach to train Sanjana.

The Global Child Prodigy appreciates Sanjana’s talent and congratulates her for her incredible achievements. We wish her a great future ahead.

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