Nathalia Crane- A Former Child Prodigy Famous For Crafting Poems:

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Writing Poetry is an art, and not everyone is blessed with writing skills. It is the way of expressing. There are many writers and poet that the world know. There was such a poet in 20th century Nathalia Cranewho became the sensation of her time.

Nathalia’s interest in reading and writing:

Born on 11 August 1913, Nathalia is an American Poet and Novelist. She was born in Brooklyn, New York. Before she reached first grade, her father had taught her to type. Nathalia spent a lot of time reading books, such as Scottish novelist Sir Walter Scott’s Ivanhoe(1819) and English short-story writer Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book(1894).  She shows her interest in writing at a very young age and becomes a sensation after her first book’s publication. When Nathalis was ten years old, she wrote her first book of poetry named “The Janitor’s Boy.” Her book was published two years after she wrote the book.

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Nathalia Crane

When she was just nine years old, her poetry was first published by The New York Sun. The paper was unaware that time that they are publishing the poetry of a little girl.

The works Beyond the imagination of a little girl:

In 1925 the second volume of Nathalia’s poetry was published as “Lava Lane.” After this poet, Edwin Markham said that “It seems impossible to me that a girl so immature could have written these poems.” Her poems are beyond the imagination of a girl, aged twelve years. According to Edwin Markham, Nathalia’s viewpoint of sex, Romance, knowledge of history, and archaeology found in her poetry are beyond the reach of any children’s mind.

Nathalia Crane ‘s Works:

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A former child prodigy

 Nicknamed “Baby Browning of Brooklyn,” Nathalia was famous for her poems, which are generally based on Romance. Her first book of poetry, “The janitor’s Boy,” is about the girlish fantasy about escaping to a desert isle with the red-haired character from her apartment house. When Nathalia was 13 years old, she dubbed “The Brooklyn Bard.” In her late teens, she became a part of Louis Untermeyer’s poetry circle.

 Nathalia’s other work includes her collection of poems and some novels that she wrote. Some of her poetry includes:

  • The Singing Crow(1926)
  • Venus Invisible and Other Poems(1928)
  • Pocahontas(1930)
  • Swear by the night(1936)
  • In the Last Lodging of Simplicity(1941)
  • The Death of Poetry: A Dramatic Poem in two parts(1942)
  • The Campus Drum Beat(1969

Her novels include The Sunken Garden(1926) and An Alien From Heaven(1929).

More than writing, Nathalia went to college and took a series of teaching jobs. She ended her career at San Diego State University. On 22 October 1998, she died in San Diego, California.

Nathalia Crane would publish very little till the start of her career to her death, but her work was so admirable.

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