Mother’s Day 2021 | 5 Reasons Why Mother Plays An Essential Role In Parenting

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Every year, the second Sunday of May is celebrated as International Mother’s Day around the globe. It is a celebration honoring the mother of the family, motherhood, maternal bonds, and the influence of mothers in society. It is believed the modern Mother’s Day celebration first began in the US when a woman by the name of Anna Jarvis wanted the day to be commemorated because her own mother had expressed such a desire. Today, with a pandemic raging on, it is all the more vital for you to hold your mother close and tell her how much she means to you Mothers are really crucial for everyone, and on this special occasion of International Mother’s Day 2021, let’s have a look at 5 most essential roles a mother plays in our lives:

1. A Child’s First Teacher

The mother is the first teacher of the child. The message she gives that child, that child gives to the world.

According to many scientific studies, children learn many things way before their birth. From music to sounds, to smell, kids get their first sense of this beautiful world from the mother. Apart from this, mothers spend a lot more time with the baby as compared to fathers, even if it is just for nursing. And hence, she becomes her child’s first teacher and first friend too. On this Mother’s Day 2021 , don’t forget to show your first teacher how blessed you are to have her in your life.

2. Encourages Values

Children find it easier to learn what they see than what they hear. It makes the role of a mother crucial in imbibing core values, habits, and behavioral traits from a very young age. A child tries to pick the way his/her mother speaks, interacts, and engages with everyone around. This is how children learn and follow this behavior as they grow up. Similarly, the way their mother is treated also has a strong psychological effect on the child.

3. The Counsellor

Mothers have the patience to bear your craziness, and shower you with the love, care and attention .

We always want to share our happiness, sorrows, and all the emotions with our mom no matter how old we grow. We can never outgrow our mother’s love and affection in our lifetime, as she’s the one who is always there we need her. Mom is the most comforting person to counsel us or to guide us in the right direction. In other words, a mother is the only person in our life who can heal our broken spirits and can make us happy in every situation.

4. The Reader of Her Child’s Expressions and Emotions

Multiple pieces of research have shown that mothers can read nonverbal cues better than fathers. This is one of the reasons why kids make a bond with their mom instantly. They are capable of understanding any emotional, physical, or behavioral changes in their kids without much difficulty.

5. The Emotional Backbone

Only your mother has the ability to comprehend and share your feelings. 

Mothers are the emotional backbone of their children and contribute immensely to the positive development of a child. Moms are the first friends we make at a very young age or maybe when we are just born, and the bond grows stronger every day. Various studies have shown that a child’s development, attitudes, and character depend a lot on his/her mother. It indicates a clear correlation to the nurture and emotional support that a mother provides to her child.

It is essential for the progress and preservation of human society that we give due respect to our mothers by fulfilling our duties towards them in reality. Mothers give birth and rear their kids out of pure love and affection. They deserve the same from their kids as they grow older and responsible human beings. Showering cards, flowers, chocolates, and other gifts are great gifts for women, who are mothers or mother figures as regarded by many. Still, being loved, cared and respected for their selfless efforts will be the true present on this Mother’s Day 2021.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Mother’s Day.

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