How To Make Your Child a Prodigy

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A child prodigy is a child who has developed extraordinary talent and skill in one or more fields of arts or sciences before the age of 11-12. Their skills and capabilities are usually identifiable at a very young age. The general marker of a child prodigy is a high IQ. In other fields such as music, dancing, painting, etc., it is their exceptional skill that shines through. Genetic make-up is a huge deciding factor in the learning capacities of the child. However, the parenting of the child and the atmosphere in which they are raised also plays a huge role in their development.

Inculcating good habits in your child from a young age can help them accomplish their goals and enhance their skills. Here are some things that may boost your child’s talent.

Develop communication channels with them early on

It proves to be very effective if you start communicating with your child from an early age. Try to engage with them in a conversation when they are young. When you engage with a child early on, it familiarises them with language and sound. Children may grasp language faster if you talk to them regularly while they’re in their infancy.

Movement, Agility and Learning abilities

Track your child’s movement progress from early on. Help them develop a daily habit of light exercise and movement.

In a 2007 study, German researchers found that people learn vocabulary words 20 percent faster after exercise than they did before exercise. 

Reading habits

It is crucial to develop good reading habits in childhood. This will help a child to widen their knowledge. Research shows that children develop good reading habits in the future if you start reading to them when they are young. As they grow to an age where they have just begun reading, start reading with them. Help them read bigger words gradually.

The effect of Music

Music has been found to have a very positive effect on growing children. It has many learning advantages for children. Research shows that learning an instrument can slightly elevate the child’s IQ in some cases. Play music to them in their infancy and try to evoke their interest in learning an instrument. Classical and orchestral music are significant in helping children enable creativity.

Multiple languages

Multilingual children have several advantages over children who speak one language. Picking up languages is easier in a multilingual home and increases the child’s language comprehension. If you only speak one language, try teaching your child other languages with the help of some external guides or classes.

Healthy habits

Healthy habits go a long way and are the only way to sustain talent. Help your child establish a good schedule with proper nutrition and sleep. Teach them the value of discipline while they are young. Discipline and persistence take talent to the next level.

What Are Global Child Prodigy Awards?

The Global Child Prodigy is the world’s first child prodigy initiative. It is one of its kind organisation that brings deserving children from all around the world into the spotlight. The GCPA celebrates child prodigies worldwide from various fields such as academics, painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc.

If your child is a prodigy, make sure to register them for GCPA 2021 by clicking here.

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