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Lydian Nadhaswaram’s Musical Journey With Indian Musician, A. R. Rahman

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Some people are just like miracles of God. One such kid is Lydian Nadhaswaram, whose piano skills seem to be God gifted. The young child prodigy has managed to catch the attention of millions of people globally. His achievements at such a young age are incredible, and he is continuously growing through his hard work and dedication.

Lydian Nadhaswaram ‘s Initial Musical Journey

Lydian is a 10-year-old young pianist from Chennai, Tamil Nadu. At the age of 9, his father showed him a YouTube video of a young Chinese boy playing the Piano. Lydian got inspiration, and that’s how he developed an interest in Piano. He spends around six hours a day practicing music under his father’s guidance, Varshan Satish, a music director.

Lydian Nadhaswaram
The World’s Best Contest winner

Lydian Nadhaswaram may be very young, but his skills as a pianist are just like a mature musician. Currently, he studies at the KM Music Conservatory in Chennai, which is run by Oscar-winning music director Mr. AR Rahman. Infact, Lydian’s connection with AR Rahman is incredible. Keep reading for more information!

Lydian Nadhaswaram ‘s Experience With AR Rahman

Mentored by the musical director, Mr. AR Rahman, Lydian Nadhaswaram won The World’s Best Contest. It is a multi-genre competition that has participants from over 150 countries, and it has globally experienced judges. Lydian received the 1 million dollar prize money by impressing the judges with his incredible piano-playing skills. 

Lydian with AR Rahman sir
Lydian with Mr. AR Rahman

Mr. AR Rahman went to meet him after his victory and showered his blessings upon Lydian. He says that Rahman Sir is his most immense support in life. Moreover, Rahman sir has always motivated Lydian and advised him a lot. Mr. Rahman wants Lydian to be India’s musical ambassador. In fact, Rahman sir considers Lydian’s success as his own and supports him in every phase of life.

Lydian says, “I have learnt a lot of things from him. He is one of my biggest inspirations. Moreover, he also did a felicitation function for me at his music college in Chennai. That’s so kind of him.”

Global Child Prodigy Awardee

The Global Child Prodigy is the first and only organization globally to recognize the talents of various backgrounds and countries. The GCP Awards list includes the kids having extreme competency in their field of interest, such as painting, writing, entrepreneurship, modeling, martial art, music, social work, etc. 

Lydian Nadhaswaram
Lydian receiving the GCP Award

Lydian Nadhaswaram won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for his piano skills. Moreover, he was also recognized as one of the Top 100 Child Prodigies of the year.

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