Kim Ung-Yong – A Former Child Prodigy Who Secured His Ph.D. At 8

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Today, we’ll talk about one of the most brilliant and intelligent people and a former child prodigy, Kim Ung-Yong. He rose to fame with his super-genius IQ of 210 and acquiring his Ph. D. at 8.

Born on 8 March 1962 in Seoul, South Korea ,Kim’s father was a physics professor, and his mother, a medical professor. He gained popularity for securing a Ph.D. at the very early age of 8. Only an year older Kim learned both the Korean alphabet and 1,000 Chinese characters by learning the Thousand Character Classic. By the age of three, Kim could solve biliary calculus and therefore published a best-selling book of his essays in English and German and his calligraphy and visuals.

Evolvement as a prodigy

By the age of five, Kim could speak five different languages – Korean, English, French, German and Japanese. Although he became the talk of the town. By the same year, he enrolled at Grant High School in Los Angeles after publishing about him in Look magazine. He also examined a physics class at Hanyang University.

Over time Kim gathered immense popularity all over Korea, thus received invitations from Korean tv shows, where he astonished everyone with his intelligence.

Kim agreed to work with NASA at the age of 8.

At the young age of 8, NASA approached him to work for them. Kim agreed to it and worked for the next 10 years over there. No one could ever imagine that a 15-year-old boy could do top research for NASA. It amazed all the scientists. But the journey was never a cakewalk for him. After working for ten years and giving it all for the organization, Kim felt NASA used his hard work and skills for destructive purposes. He realized that his seniors are taking all his credits belonging to him. Therefore, he returned to his hometown. The people who were hailing Kim for his success started calling him a ‘wasted genius’ for his decision.

Kim decided to complete his graduation from high school, and he enrolled for it, as he couldn’t enroll at any University. After he got his high school equivalency degree. He took admission in a regional University to pursue Civil Engineering.

People around Kim felt dismayed and mocked him. Nobody cared that Kim was happy with Civil Engineering. According to him, Civil Engineering was constructive work and gave him satisfaction and peace.

Present Life

Former Child Prodigy Kim Ung Yong

Life went on; as of 2007, Kim Ung-Yong served as adjunct faculty at Chungbuk National University.
Afterward, On 14 March 2014, he evolved as an associate professor at Shinhan University, also as The Vice President of North Kyeong-gi Development Research Center.
His work and actions gave all the answers to the ones who were calling him a ‘wasted genius.’
He is now one of the highest IQ persons globally.

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