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Kautilya Pandit, The ‘Google Boy,’ appeared as the ‘Expert’ on the popular TV show KBC on the 14th and 15th of December. He became the first child to appear as an expert in the history of the show. It is one of his most significant achievements because he has earned it at a very young age. 

Who Is Kautilya Pandit?

Kautilya Pandit is a 12-year-old boy from Haryana, who is popular worldwide because of his intelligence. He has exceptional ability to learn and catch things quickly. The young genius has earned many titles through his brilliant mind such as, ‘Google Boy,’ ‘Space Boy,’ and ‘Genius Child,’ etc.

Kautilya Pandit

He has knowledge of mathematics, astronomy, general knowledge, current affairs, and so many topics. Also, the little kid is a motivational speaker. He keeps amazing people through his knowledge and talent.

Kautilya Pandit As ‘Expert’ On KBC

Kautilya while shooting for KBC

The Google Boy started his journey on KBC by appearing as a child guest, and now after a few years, he appeared as ‘Expert’ on the same show. His parents are really very proud of their son. On December 14, Kautilya helped a kid, Anmol, with a question of 25,00,000 points (25,00,000 rupess). The question was related to space & Anmol had confusion, so he decided to take the lifeline, ‘Expert Advice.’ The little Expert, Kautilya, answered very quickly and confidently and proved his talent once again.

Similarly, on December 16, Kautilya was again the Expert and helped another girl, Alina, with a question of 3,20,000 points (3,20,000 rupees). The question was related to the history of India and was not easy to answer. But, the google boy gave the correct answer with a short explanation in 60 seconds. The young genius, Kautilya, is really incredible and full of versatility.

Kautilya’s Starting Journey On KBC

At the age of 6, the brilliant kid, Kautilya, appeared on the KBC & became the youngest to reach the show with Mr. Amitabh Bachchan moreover He was invited to KBC as a part of the Children’s Day Celebration, and amazed people by giving the answer of each and every question that was asked to him. He was brought to the hot seat by the Indian actor, Mr. Aamir Khan. At that time, he became the internet sensation as everyone was searching about the ‘Google Boy in KBC.’ 

Google boy Kautilya Pandit to visit Greenwood High – CITY NEWS FOR YOU
Kautilya on KBC as a child guest

Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was highly impressed by Kautilya’s talent that he could not stop praising this kid. This episode of KBC was just an unbelievable battle between an actual computer and a human-computer, moreover, it gave Kautilya his first opportunity to visit Mumbai and to be recognized. 

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee

Global Child Prodigy is the first and only organization that recognizes the talents having extreme competency in their field of interest. The platform strongly encourages and supports the development of such children. 

Kautilya Pandit | Thoughts On India And Its Future? - GCP Awards Blog
Kautilya receiving the Global Child Prodigy Award 2020

The Google Boy won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 under the category of ‘intelligence.’ He was also among the Top 100 Child Prodigies of the world. We believe that this fantastic young boy will keep achieving great things. The GCP team wishes him all the very best.

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