The 4-Year-Old Juliette Leong Paints For A Purpose

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“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.” – Salvador Dali

Whenever Juliette Leong ‘s little fingers move on canvas, no one knows which masterpiece is going to take place in that. It is obvious that Leong is not an ordinary little girl. She has something extraordinary within her.

How Juliette Started Painting?

Juliette Leong is a 4-year-old art prodigy who has caught the attention of all around the world. She is bold and talkative and communicates almost like an adult. Juliette is also a member of MENSA means she has exceptional skills. The little girl has a lot of other hobbies like swimming, martial arts, rock climbing, and telling jokes.

According to her parents, she started scribbling at the tender age of 8-months. She used to make paintings on the kitchen counter using her fingers. But by age of three, her art improved suddenly and dramatically improved.

“I don’t know how she did this. It just blew me away! Everyone said who’s the new Bob Ross!?” – says her father

Juliette Paints To Help The People

The East Bay child prodigy, Juliette Leong, is beginning 2021 by showcasing her artwork. She uses her earnings to help patients with life-threatening diseases. Juliette has created more than 1-hundred incredible pieces of art. Nearly a dozen, fetching more than 4-thousand dollars for the Asian American Donor Program since October of 2020. This program focused on connecting those in need with potential stem cell donors.

“I sell the paintings to help people with cancer find a match.” – Juliette Leong.

Juliette makes painting tutorials on YouTube with her mom’s help. She even offered to give ABC7 News anchor Dion Lim a lesson. As Juliette and Dion wait for the paint between layers to dry, the art prodigy shows off her violin and singing skills. She even challenges Dion to a math competition. All these things prove that the art prodigy is someone beyond the exceptional. 

Juliette Leong ‘s Advice To Everyone On New Year

Juliette gives advice to everyone who wants to make a difference in the new year. She says that you can do it if you focus. At such a young age, the works done by the little artist are really great.

Her intentions are pure which is a significant thing in itself. Juliette wants to continue her painting and help cancer patients always. 

The Global Child Prodigy Awards congratulates Juliette for her wondrous accomplishments. We wish her all the very best for her future.

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