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Is authoritative parenting in need of an hour?

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Nowadays we see children being aggressive and impatient right from an early age, is that a good sign? Is it because of authoritative parenting? 

But on the same page, some children accomplish their goals, addressing the same as their credentials. So, before we come to any conclusion let’s first discuss what actual authoritative parenting means. Well, authoritative parenting is not just characterized as high responsibilities and greater demands from the children, but it often brings clarity of thoughts amongst each and communicates way easier than other families. Often it forms a disciplinary life.

But now the question arises: is authoritative parenting need of an hour?

The answer depends on how well your child progresses in his/her educational performances or lifestyle. There cannot be anything right or wrong for parenting. It usually relies on how you were raised, how you look at others’ parenting, your cultural backgrounds, and so on. So before taking any decision regarding the same, let’s first highlight its pros, cons, and characteristics as well. This might assist you in forming an opinion on the subject matter.

Characteristics of authoritative parenting : 

  • It draws a reliable set of rules and limitations followed by children :- Set of rules doesn’t mean one’s actions in a day, but a healthy routine to be followed, right from waking up to the sleep hours. A limited time for playing, hanging around with friends and much more.
  • It has appropriate reasons while having expectations.
  • Pay attention to the inputs of the child.
  • It has more definite and munificent feedback.

Pros of authoritative parenting –

Being an authoritative parent, one creates a more loving and caring environment around their child which results in – 

What Is Authoritative Parenting? [With Examples]
  • Higher rates in mental health: Authoritative parenting provides clarity of thoughts, lifestyle, and future goals to the child, which in turn helps to focus on the target and they do not deviate from their path. Having a useful schedule all day brings positive growth to the child’s mental health, as they are in surroundings of a supportive environment in their day-to-day life.
  • Good health: Good health doesn’t only define their physique but their overall behavior. Children who are raised in authoritative parenting have fewer chances of being violent. Moreover, they are less abusive and adaption to false habits. They are more flexible and open-minded with good social skills.
  • Higher self-esteem : You must notice that children with authoritative parenting have their space to forth their points towards the family. It’s open communication between the family. Children are more likely to make decisions by themselves. Though, it develops a better self-esteem and leadership quality.


Authoritative Parenting Style - Characteristics And Effects
  • Nothing is perfect. Everything has its beauty, Everything has its flaws. Similarly, authoritative parenting. It had its pros, so there are cons.
  • It requires a lot of effort and patience while raising a kid with such parenting. People may lose their calm following a schedule and expecting the same from children every day.
  • Over time, at some of the other points, a child deals with frustration, anger issues. Hence, it takes a period to implement the balance of discipline the whole life.

However, looking at the facts and current scenario, we will agree with –  authoritative parenting is the need of an hour as it is a more independent, self-reliant and socially acceptable method.

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Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at