The Incredible Artist, K. Sai Rohan Raju, In A Candid Talk With Global Child Prodigy

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K.Sai Rohan Raju, the 15-year-old artist, recently had an exclusive interview with Global Child Prodigy under Prodigy Talks. The renowned Entrepreneur, Educationalist, and Humanitarian, Mr. Kavin Kumar Kandasamy, hosted the talk. He is also the Managing Director of Mangalam Educational Institutions. Mr. Kavin’s institutions serve more than 7000 students every year.

Join us as we take you through the excerpts from K Sai Rohan Raju’s interview in this blog.

Hello Sai Rohan Raju, how are you?

I’m doing great. Thank you for having me here. My name is K.Sai Rohan Raju. I’m speaking from Abu Dhabi, UAE.

How is the pandemic condition in the UAE, and how was your experience of it?

It was a challenging but fruitful learning experience. I utilized the available free time to spend on various aspects and developing new skills. It was tough, but it can prove a productive learning experience if we use the time wisely.

When did you get into art?

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K.Sai Rohan Raju with his brother

I think it was when I was five or six years old when I saw my mom and brother paint. That had indeed drawn me into painting because it was fun. So, that’s how the journey began, and I enjoy the colors.

Tell us a little about your family.

I come from a very wonderful family with supportive and encouraging parents. They are my backbone and support me in everything that I do.

Has Abu Dhabi played any role in your art?

Abu Dhabi is a very wonderful and supportive place. I did my first art exhibition at Abu Dhabi Art Hub. It started when one fine day, the art gallery owner saw a few of my paintings. He has been constant support from the start of my journey. That’s how the journey of professional exhibitions started for me at the age of nine. I’m thankful to the UAE; it’s such a warm and wonderful place to live in.

Is your mom an artist?

Yes. It was just a hobby. Seeing her paint, I was also drawn to it, and it inspired me to start painting. My brother also paints very well. Like the HappyPlanet Initiative and the SaveWildLife Campaign, we do it together with most of the initiatives we run. So, my brother and I do most of our artwork together.

Do you have a vision?

Yes. I would love to pursue painting as my hobby. In the future, I want to consider Computer Science Engineering as a profession. But, I will always continue to paint.

Tell us a little about the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

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The amazing artist

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust is a wildlife organization that was started in the 1980s. It was founded by Dr. Dame Daphne Sheldrick DBE, in memory of her late husband. The organization’s main aim is to ensure the conservation and maintenance of elephants and rhinos in Kenya, as it is the major hotspot of poaching and illegal ivory. My journey started when my brother and I visited the Global March for elephants and rhinos once on World Wildlife Day. It was the organization that introduced us to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Since then, we have been actively campaigning for the same.

Did you always have a liking for wildlife?

Yeah. My brother and I always shared a passion for wildlife. It had come from our maternal grandfather. He loved nature and had lots of pets. When anything happens in the world, most people go out and take a stand against it. But, when something happens to the animals, very few people talk about it. So, that’s why we decided to become the voice for the voiceless. 

Is there any specific style of artistry that you do?

I can say that we are passionate about being realistic artists. We focus on paintings related to wildlife, protecting nature, and sustainable development. We paint with both acrylics and oils.

You have been awarded the prestigious Diana Award. Please tell us more about it.

It was in 2016. We had received an email and were elated and honored to know about it. It’s an award that recognizes youth. My brother and I were identified as active campaigners for the David Sheldrick Trust to protect wildlife.

Tell us more about your HappyPlanet Initiative.

I started it with my brother. It aims to make this world a better place to live in, and just as the name suggests, a place where everyone is happy and enjoys the resources. For the past four to five years, we have been doing activities like donating food and clothes to the needy. We aim to bring a positive impact on society.

How can the people engage with you and support you in your noble initiative?

People can contribute by buying the paintings, as some portion of the contribution goes to the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.

Who guides you in your journey?

My mother guides me skillfully. My parents take care of all the competitions and exhibitions. They are my most incredible support.

Any message for your audience?

I would tell the kids to be themselves and look forward to pursuing their ambitions. Each kid is uniquely gifted, and we must realize our potential. I would also like to request the parents to support their kids and help them achieve what they wish to aspire to.

Message from GCPA

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K.Sai Rohan Raju at GCPA 2020

Thank you, K.Sai Rohan Raju. You are a wonderful person. We wish you all the best for your future. May you get all the success in life.

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