Abhigya Anand Reveals When Corona Will End And Future Pandemic

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World’s Youngest astrologer revealed a new pandemic will hit Earth, in a recent interview with Global Child Prodigy Awards. Keep reading for more revelations!

In the above video, from 01:06:49 to 01:07:21, the fourteen-year-old says that danger could arise on November 20th, this year and last till April, next year. Abhigya had learned of threat months before the pandemic began, in August 2019. If you’d like to know more about his Covid prediction, click on the article below.

Three Things You Need to Know About Young Astrologer Abhigya Anand’s Corona Outbreak Prediction

According to Abhigya, cases are still on the toll as we are not handling the situation correctly, instead are overdosing ourselves with chemicals that destroy immunity like antibiotics and hydroxychloroquine.

Moreover, we have forgotten to give importance to outdoors and sunlight since we are engrossed in our electronic devices. Not doing so could result in infectious and fatal diseases that are even worse.

We hope this pandemic goes away soon so the world can return to running smoothly. Moreover, despite Abhigya’s prediction, let’s pray that we are never going to be hit by such mass destruction again.



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