How to raise your child to be confident?

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“Confidence is that feeling by which the mind embarks in great and honorable courses with a sure hope and trust in itself.” – Cicero

Confidence is a crucial aspect of success. It is important raise your child to be confident in themselves so they can efficiently face challenges in life. Parents have the responsibility to raise their child in an environment that fosters support and confidence. It is imperative that children are instilled with confidence early on. A child who doesn’t have confidence can struggle with self image and it can affect their progress.

Role of parents in raising a child to be confident

Parents play a vital role in developing a child’s confidence. The parents need to provide their children with an atmosphere where the children can grow and learn. Parents should make the home a place where children don’t have to be afraid of making mistakes. Here are some things that parents can do to increase their child’s confidence.

Raise your child to be confident – Be supportive

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Be supportive of your child’s dreams, goals and aspirations. Help them realise their potential and capabilities. Be patient with them when you guide them. Parents need to develop honest communication with their child. This will help the child confide in them and ask for support. Do not mock your child for their dreams. Try to support them through their journey. If you want to change something about your child, instead of mocking them, try having an open conversation with them. Being supportive also includes respecting your child’s privacy. Do not snoop around and go behind their back to learn about their life. Develop a healthy relationship with your child so they can trust you with the details of their life.

Help them deal with failure

Your child will experience some setbacks along their journey. Help them navigate failure and guide them in learning from their mistakes. Teach them that failures are learning opportunities. Try to motivate them whenever they feel low and  their faith in their capabilities.

Do not make them feel inferior or less than. Help them realise that failure is just a learning opportunity and they can always do better in the future. Do not remind them of their mistakes over and over. Give them time and opportunity to learn from their mistakes.

Celebrate their accomplishments

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Celebrate your child’s accomplishments no matter how small. This will incentivise them to do well in the future. When you acknowledge and celebrate their success, it will validate their hard work. Do not compare their success with other children. Make them understand that this is their journey and their experiences are valid.

Do not humiliate them publicly

Always reproach or criticise your child in private. Do not shame them or humiliate them in a social setting as this will break their confidence. Make them understand their mistakes in a comfortable environment. Do not rebuke them for acting childish or immature. It is important that you let your child act their age without any inhibitions

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