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5 Easy Ways to Raise Eco-Conscious Kids

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Every family needs to raise awareness about climate changes and teach their children about eco-friendly living. Children learn what they live, they understand and get their nature at an early age. We cannot just sit and lecture them about climate change. Instead, we can adapt some lifestyle changes, involving the kids with our nature’s beauty. Whatever we teach them today affects their future, day-to-day lifestyle choices, and eco-friendly lifestyle. As children, we grew up learning about the ozone layer and global warming just like a grind. As their parents or guardians, it’s our duty to spread awareness about environmental issues such as green energy and plastic war. We can begin the change right from our home and form a habit of living an Eco-Conscious living. The changes can begin by growing eco-conscious kids.

Raising awareness about nature will help the environment heal its graze. Still, we also knew that nowadays, whether it is an infant or an adult, we face depression and feel desolate. Though being in nature and recognizing wildlife is known to make people more positive, enthusiastic, and it’s free. But all this is only a matter of climate change and its positive impact. Now you would think that how can we raise our kids to be eco-conscious? It makes no odds. There are some easier ways you can do so. For instance, Spending more outdoor time, teaching our kids to compost, garden, etc.

Here are some ways to raise a eco-conscious kid:

1. Spending more outdoor time :

We all will agree that half of the population, mainly the kids, spend more and more of their time indoors because of addiction to their cell phones, video games, television which gets them nomophobia.

A study says that spending more outdoor time decreases one’s chance of early death as nature heals a human being mentally, physically, emotionally. Thus, amplifying such beautiful changes in our routine can make our kids happier, healthier, and more creative than before. As we abide with mother earth, the more we will get to connect with its beautiful backdrop.

2. Recycle, Reduce, Reuse :

Coming to the common grounds, we all know how recycling, reducing and reusing products or materials be beneficial to creation. Hence we should educate our children to follow these methods and preserve our nature’s resources.

Very first, reduce the amount of waste you will produce, which means buy items that contain less packaging, carry paper bags from home so that you buy fewer plastic bags or polythene from the shopkeeper for your products and materials. 

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Similarly, water – the most precious resource, turns off its taps when not in use, ensure it doesn’t run out of control. Reusing is much cheaper than buying a new one as it not only affects our environment but saves our money also. Instruct your child to reuse items such as refill water bottles rather than replacing them with a new one, updating your devices instead of exchanging. Recycling includes picking items that can be put to new use and not throwing it away for waste, including glasses, cardboard, aluminum, etc.

3. Composting :

Generally, we throw away food scraps and yard waste as we find it useless and toxic. But do we know that it can actually make up more of its content and decompose organic solid waste? Yes, it’s truly one of the main methods of preserving our nature wisely, and stepping to eco-living is composting. It helps to reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and thus contributes to methane gas emissions. You can involve your kids and upskill them to improve an atmosphere. 

4. Encourage to use public transport:

As parents, we are very well aware of our toddlers’ habit of using their personal vehicle even for the shortest distance. No other but we ourselves are responsible for their laziness. Hence, putting an end to this would be the only solution that will develop a positive attitude in them and be a better choice in reducing energy consumption and air pollution. Also, many people who drive single-occupied vehicles increase ridership in buses, contributing to the emissions of harmful gases such as CO2 and preserving fuel.

5. Gardening

Raising Eco-Conscious Kids - Children's Literacy Foundation
Raising an eco conscious kid

Even the best preschool cannot teach your children some moral values. As parents, you have some responsibility to that encourage both education and environmental consciousness. Teach the importance of purpose cultivation while building the fundamental science behind it. Encourage them to love the beauty of nature by planting trees and small flower plants.

We hope that the above-mentioned tips will help you to raise an eco-conscious kid. The Global Child Prodigy Awards wishes you happy parenting.

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Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at