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How To Raise A Child With Good Manners?

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It is firmly said, “Inculcating good manners is a little tricky.” Teaching good manners and convincing a child to follow the same is not a soft pill to swallow. A child keeps a record of everything going around. Also, they copy the elders. It is essential to be a good role model. Be particular to how you interact with your peers and relatives in front of your child.

However, we can teach several other ways mentioned below. Let’s get the answer to How To Raise A Child With Good Manners !

Use two golden words more often.

Try to use two golden words, ‘Thankyou’ and ‘ sorry.’ Eventually, the child will also replicate and will start using these golden words. Using a phrase like ‘excuse me,’ pardon will help your child to be socially developed. Do not just rush after your child to speak every time.

How to Teach Kids Good Manners - 6 Benefits of Proper Etiquette

Appreciate your child 

Praise your child when you see him acting nobly. It will help to motivate your child to behave wisely further. A child learns when he gets appreciated in person or front of everyone. Try to talk about the actions and share your opinions with your child and help them to grow. 

Narrate the story having some moral values

A child learns when a story is dramatized and a brief explanation is given. Don’t give a lecture or long- stories related to etiquettes. It will bore your child and will not consider your advice. Try to narrate stories to which your child can connect and learn. A child will try to copy if the story is adequately dramatized and narrated.

Every action counts

Children with speech and language communication needs

Behaving politely is just not the thing. Try to be kind, friendly when teaching manners to your child. Don’t be harsh with your words when asking your child to behave nicely. Be it walking down the street or talking to a shopkeeper in the market. Consistency is the key. It would be best if you were consistent with your actions and reactions both. 

The child copies everything.

Consistency is required at every stage of your life, and the same should be applied for inculcating good manners. It takes lots of effort to reinforce. Do not expect everything from your child at one go. Don’t be harsh and rude if he is following the set patterns. It comes with patience. Don’t just impose manners and habits (the child will avoid talking to you in this case). The child will behave differently in this case and will not talk to you in the manner you want him to talk.

For example, if a child is throwing garbage on the road. Go pick up the trash in front of him. This act of yours will make him realize his mistake, and the child will not do the same ever again.

Make sure you are setting a good example in front of your child. You can not expect your child to have good etiquette when you are not having one. How To Raise A Child With Good Manners is very fragile and needs efforts to achieve.

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Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at