How To Prepare Your Child For Preschool?

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A preschool or preschool program is designed to educate children aged 3 to 5. A preschool is an education option available to small kids’ parents before their child starts full-time school. It usually involves shorter hours than long daycare and gets children ready for school through play-based learning. Your kid will make new friends, learn new skills, and gain confidence and independence. Many researchers have shown that two years of preschool help children be better prepared for school, with better literacy, emotional and social skills. 

Preparing your children academically for preschool may be something different than what you are expecting. You can start by only playing, reading, and exploring together; you are helping your child get ready for preschool activities. Try to spend more time with your child, like go for a nature walk, work on puzzles, board games or visit a kids library. It would help if you offered your child some playful activities like color, playing with dough, or making a small tent house inside your house.

Preparation tips before your child start Preschool – 

1.Play games pretending that you are in Preschool

Pretending to play school at home prepares kids a bit for the preschool.

Play a game where you show the everyday routine of a playschool with fun. As kids don’t want to leave their parents, so motivate the kids. Act some daily routines just like saying good-bye to mommy or daddy. Reassure your child that a pre-school is the right place where he/she will have fun and make some good friends.

2.Read books about Preschool.

There are many books that you can avail yourself of from the public library and provide the summary before pre-school starts. This will make your child easy to familiar with books in pre-school.

3.Make a game for practicing self-help skills.

These skills can include unzipping the coat on a hook, putting a backpack, fastening the shoes. You can have a race with your child on how fast you can put their shoes or make their backpack arranged.

4.Play at your child new Preschool

Visit your child’s pre-school and meet the teachers there. Ask the preschool administration when you can tour the school with your child. Play with your child in the preschool playground a few times. These visits will increase the child’s comfort and give confidence in the new setting.

5.Listen to your child’s worries.

Your child may have some questions and some doubts, which you find negligible but try to think like a child. Tell your child that it’s normal to feel happy, sad, excited, or worried. Explain to your child that starting something new is sometimes scary, and it’s normal if you feel so. Make your child comfortable to share their worries, so that you can help how to deal with the problem.

6.Try to notice nonverbal messages.

Try to understand what your child is saying as they are small and can’t speak well.

As 3-5 years old may talk, but most of them are not able to fully understand how they are feeling or what they are worried about. So try to understand their emotions. Sometimes kids get frustrated and angry, don’t find it cute and ignore the problems, try to understand what the child may think.

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