Ways To Promote Early Literacy In Your Child

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In simple language, literacy means the ability to read and write at least in one language. That language should be understandable by others. Literacy plays an important role in life. The one who is literate is highly respected in society. As soon as a child is born the parent’s only concern is how to make their child literate. For that, they do every possible thing like they start to educate them about basic things. They put them in good schools. further, we will know about ways of promoting early literacy in our children.


  • The very first way to literate your child is to talk to them as much as possible. In fact singing can also play an important role in promoting literacy in your children.
  • Reading comics, story  books to your children also helps them to understand a particular language. You can also play audio-books for them and help them understand what exactly is going on in the story. In fact using alphabet charts can help a child to recognize the word as well as the object given in the charts.
  • Parents can play various games with children. Such as word-based Snake & Ladders, Young Scrabble,Sorting numbers, Stickers,connecting the dots with letters etc. 

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ways of promoting early literacy
  • In Fact, while you are traveling you can promote literacy in your child at that time also. like you can tell them the places name you are traveling to, can educate them about the lights and the signs on the road. Tell them about the specialty of the place you are traveling to and many more things.
  • As soon as your child starts recognizing the alphabet you can encourage them to make a diary. In that diary, they can write their daily routine. You can help them improve their vocabulary by telling them a new word and its meaning daily.
  • Parents can ask their children to accompany them in the kitchen. By taking their help in the kitchen they will learn the basic ingredient’s name we use in the kitchen. This is also a good way of promoting literacy in your child.
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  • Parents can take their children to a library museum or any historical place. They can narrate the story about that particular place that helps them in educating their children .

We hope that these tips would be helpful for all the parents out there!

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