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How To Increase Child Brain Power

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Today, every parents want to give their best for an effective parenting. As a parent, one of the most important things for you might be improving your child’s brain power as it is really essential in this world full of competition. So, to help you out, we are here with some tips on how to increase child brain power. Following are some ways to do so:

Give your baby a good start before birth. 

Moms can start the process of increasing their child’s brain power even before the child’s birth. As a mother, you should stay healthy while you are pregnant. Moreover, before taking any medicine, keep in mind that certain drugs can be destructive to your baby’s brain in utero. Many children, whose moms take such drugs during pregnancy, struggle with severe learning problems. Several studies have also shown that smoking during pregnancy is related to lower fourth-grade reading scores.

Turn up the baby talk. 

Parents often ignore their children when they want to talk & can’t speak clearly. But, responding to infants is really important to improving their communication skills and brain power. You can talk to them through signs or facial expressions. Such type of speaking is called parentese. Moreover, parents need to know the fact that areas of the brain, which are responsible for understanding speech and producing language, need your rich input.

Play games that involve hands

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Games or activities like peekaboo, this little piggy, patty-cake, or even puppets can capture your baby’s attention. If you use your hands more, it will make your young children how people physically interact with the world. Hands-on activities are also simply a nice way to enjoy.

Be attentive. 

Whenever your child points something, make sure to look and remark on items or events in which he/she is interested. Such type of attention makes the children realize how important their interests and observations are to their parents.

Foster an early passion for books.

Parents Follow These 3 Steps to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Child |  Dr. Jonice Webb

If you really want to know how to increase child brain power, here is one of the best ways. Try to make them love books from an early age. Choose the books that contain large and colorful pictures, and share your baby’s delight in pointing at certain images. Try to make them understand the world through books. If your child points to an image of the cat, try to make the cat sound & the same for other things & animals too.

Choose toys that allow babies to explore and interact. 

The toys like stackable blocks or a windup jack-in-the-box help your baby learn if-then reasoning. For example, if a child somehow stacks too many blocks without straightening them, they’ll surely fall down. If he/she is able to successfully stack blocks on top of each other, he/she “wires in” that information. The child will learn to take lessons from the mistakes.

Build trust by being attentive and focused. 

Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children -

Whenever your child wants to play with you or wants you to look at him/her, resist the temptation to do something else. In such cases, you should get on the ground and spend some time playing with him/her. Babies who are emotionally attached to their parents are more likely to invest energy effectively in the pleasures of learning, exploration, and discovery.

Make meals positive. 

When your baby eats, you can say the name of the food loudly to make him/her learn it. Express joy when your baby learns to feed himself, no matter how messy his attempt is. This will create pleasant and positive associations with eating and mealtime.

These are some best ways to increase child brain power. We hope that the article will help you. The Global Child Prodigy wishes you a Happy Parenting!

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Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at