How To Boost A Child’s Memory At A Young Age?

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Memory plays an essential role in the learning process of a kid, both in the classroom and outside. Having great memorizing power can help a kid do better in school, and achieve higher goals. But having sharp memory skills aren’t usually god gifted. These sort of skills develop and grow the more they are used. Like any other skill, practice makes you perfect in memorizing. Here are a few tips that can help the parents to improve their child’s memory by building simple strategies into everyday life.

1. Work On Your Child’s Visualization Skills

Parents should encourage their kids to create a picture in their mind of what they’ve just read in the book. For example, if you ask your child to set the table for seven people, you should ask them to imagine what the table should should look like. You can also ask them to draw it. When children get better at visualizing, they can describe the image instead of drawing it.

How To Boost A Child's Memory
How To Boost A Child’s Memory

2. Ask Your Child To Teach You

Teaching a concept to someone else after reading it, gives a better understanding. Whenever your child is learning a new skill, ssk your child to teach you the same. Teachers also try to do something similar by pairing up the students in class. This helps them memorize anything in a better way, and also lets them boost their confidence.

3. Try Playing Games That Use Memory

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There are various matching games that can help kids work on their visual memory. One of them is the classic game Concentration. You can also do things like give your child an Atlas and ask them to find a place, or to find a country’s name starting with a certain alphabet. There are lots of such games that you can play with your child to boost their memory.

4. Encourage Your Kid To Do Active Reading

There’s a reason highlighters and sticky notes are so popular: Jotting down notes and underlining or highlighting text can help kids keep the information in mind long enough to answer questions about it. Talking out loud and asking questions about the reading material can also help with working memory. Active reading strategies like these can help with forming long-term memories, too.

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5. Break The Information Into Small Parts

Do you know why phone numbers and social security numbers have hyphens in them? It is because remembering a few small groups of numbers is easier than remembering one long string of numbers. Always keep this fact in mind when you need to give your child multi-step directions. Break them down in parts and give your child only one at a time. 

We hope that these tips will help the parents out there to boost their child’s memory. The Global Child Prodigy appreciates all the parents who try their best to make their child a star. We wish you & your child all the best.

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