How Ruby Isaac Creates Balance Between School & Cycling?

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Nowadays, we often see children having a sedentary lifestyle. Generally, they play video games by relaxing on the couch. But, Ruby Isaac is a cycling enthusiast who is only 12 years old. She is from North Hampshire and likes cycling very much. Ruby was only seven when she learned to ride a bike, and when she turned eight, she had her first bike race.

How she balances school and cycling?

According to her, she enjoys going to school, and it always comes first for her. She says that she has to complete a lot of homework as she is admitted to a senior school. Ruby is really interested and determined to achieve good grades in school, and therefore, she finds it essential for her. She always works hard to achieve excellent academic performance. Therefore, she tries to maintain the balance between her schooling and cycling well and focuses on studies too. As she is very keen to attend school, she never preferred homeschooling as an option for her.

How Ruby Isaac manages her responsibilities?

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Ruby Isaac

Ruby Isaac always tries to encourage the kids to go cycling. She says that she doesn’t forget to follow the proper safety measure whenever she posts a video and films her tricks. For taking proper care of their safety, Ruby always tells the kids about it. She always makes sure that she wears a helmet while performing the stunts and hence spreads the right message for inspiring young kids.

Ruby’s Journey

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An incredible cyclist

She had her first bike race at the age of 8, and then after, she always wanted to continue to participate in more and more races. She learned tricks and started doing stunts when her dad brought ‘Tacx Rollers.’ After this, her videos were posted on many online platforms such as YouTube and Instagram. The first brand that saw her and the skills were ‘Specialized.’ Then, they sponsored her and took Ruby to California, where she got a chance to have an interview with some of the famous riders. She became part of ‘Trek-Segafredo, a famous bike brand, and had a contract with them.

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee|Ruby Isaac

In January 2020, Ruby Isaac was awarded Global Child Prodigy Award for her incredible cycling skills. Also so she was listed under the Top 100 Prodigies of the World.

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GCPA 2020 Awardee

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