How Do Parents Sometimes Ruin Their Kids’ Self-esteem?

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Emotional abuse by parents creates fear and guilt in the child. This abuse forces them to become angry; disrespecting them through downgrading words and action is emotional abuse. Physical and emotional abuse by the parents ruins the kids’ self-esteem.

What is self-esteem?

In psychology, self-esteem is a person’s overall self-worth or individual value. It means how much you appreciate and like yourself and believe in yourself. Too little self-esteem can make people feel depressed and depressed. It may lead people to make bad decisions in life, fall into destructive relationships, or lack confidence; thus, they fail to give their full potential.

Self-esteem plays a vital role in your motivation and success throughout your life. Low self-esteem may hold you back from succeeding in school, college, or at work because you don’t believe that you can do things.

Parent’s mistake that ruins their kid’s self-esteem:

Every parent wants their kids to feel good and confident. Here are some bits of advice that may help in boosting your kid’s self-esteem.

1.Stop comparing

Comparing your child with other kids lowers their self esteem.

Please don’t compare your child with other children of the same age and to their siblings. Every child has their potential and has something unique about themselves, don’t demotivate them. Constantly comparing your child crush sense of individuality and ultimately they believe that they are worthless. Children develop different unique talents, and they require a lot of positive attention and care.

2.Prevent them from making mistakes.

It’s tough to see your child fail, get rejected, or mess up something. When parents found that their child will fall in the task, they rush and try to save kids before they fail. Preventing your child before making mistakes robs the opportunity to learn how to bounce back. Each up and downs helps them to build better mental strength to do better next time.

3.Disciplining, rather than Punishing Kids

Choose disciplining over punishing to improve your kids’ self esteem.

There is a big difference between punishing the kid and disciplining the kid. Kids get punished and think that they made a wrong choice. They start to believe that “I am a bad person.” This deteriorates the kids’ self esteem. Discipline gives your child the confidence that makes your child more intelligent and can make healthier choices in the future.

4.Don’t plan their kid’s lives and plan their careers.

Some parents believe that they know what is best for their children. They want to plan their kid’s life from birth to marriage and even their career. They think that they are making their life much more comfortable and stressful. It makes their child dependent and makes them unable to make tough decisions in their own life.

5.Give them choices

Give your child multiple options to choose from and let them choose what they want. You can allow them to select from their two favorite food. It fosters sense and gives them the confidence to make choices and thus, improving kids’ self esteem.

6.Let them know no one is perfect

No one is perfect. Always remember that.

Set realistic and some standard expectations for your child, but always remind your child that failing in something and making mistakes is a part of life. Encourage them to take risks, but don’t punish them if they mess up something. Try to guide them but don’t plan the whole path for them.

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