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How Did The Tapping Twins, Freddie & Teddie , Start Getting Recognized?

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The 12-year-old twins, Freddie & Teddie, who claim to be connected by heart, are connected by their talent too. They are popularly known as Tapping Twins and are from Los Angeles, California. Freddie & Teddie have caught global attention through their dancing skills, and are also recognized as child prodigies. They want to showcase their talent to the world and express it to people who don’t know about tap.

At such a young age, these tapping twins have earned a huge fan base. In a recent interview with Global Child Prodigy, Freddie & Teddie talk about how they started getting recognition.

Journey Of Getting Recognized – Freddie & Teddie

At the age of 6, they did a dance that was recognized by the Nicholas brothers. After that, someone introduced them to the show called ‘Little Big Shots’ and that’s where their career started. They went to the different versions of the show in London, Colombia, Paris, New Mexico, and Los Angeles. They said that it was entertaining meeting the hosts on those shows. 

Freddie & Teddie on Little Big Shots
Freddie & Teddie on Little Big Shots

The thing these twins enjoyed the most was performing there obviously. They were sitting down on a couch, and when they turned the stage, they found the tapping boards there. It was an amazing experience for them.

How Did The Twins Start Tapping?

Freddie & Teddie started tap dancing when they were 4-years-old. As they were too young for sports at that time, so their mom put them in the dance program, and that’s how these twins started tapping. They have been tapping for eight years, and they enjoy it a lot.

The Tapping Twins| Freddie & Teddie
The Tapping Twins| Freddie & Teddie

They told us that they are preparing for a Tap Fest in New Mexico, which is in a couple of months. They practice a lot even if there is a lot of time left because they want to keep everything perfect.

Daily Routine Of Freddie & Teddie

The tapping twins balance everything in an incredible way. After finishing school, they go straight to the dancing. Their school begins at 8 am and ends at 2 am. After that, they practice tapping from 4 pm to 6 pm. There are a few days when they want to have a break like on weekends. But, they always try to keep their skills up to the maximum and work hard for it.

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Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardees

The tapping twins, Freddie & Teddie, won the Global Child prodigy Award in January 2020 for their outstanding dancing skills. They were also among Top 100 child prodigies of the world.

Freddie & Teddie Tisdale
GCP 2020 Awardees

The Global Child Prodigy is the only organization in the world that recognizes child prodigies from various countries & backgrounds. It celebrates children having exceptional skills in their field, such as music, dancing, writing, sports, painting, modeling, entrepreneurship, etc.

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Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at