How Did Aliqqa Noverry Get Into The Asian Games 2018

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Aliqqa Noverry is an eleven-year-old skateboarder from Indonesia. She was one of the six athletes representing Indonesia in the Asian Games 2018. The incredible thing about her is that she was the youngest to compete there. Aliqqa has a fantastic talent for skating and has caught a worldwide attention through it.

In an exclusive interview with GCPA, Aliqqa shares her journey & talks about how she got into the Asian Games 2018!

Youngest To Compete In The Asian Games 2018

Aliqqa started skating when she was around 7-years-old in Jakarta. Her grandparents gifted her a skateboard on her seventh birthday. After that, her father took her to a skate park and was amazed to see Aliqqa’s skating skills. He suggested that Aliqqa should join a skating school. She joined the skate school and worked so hard to achieve great things. Her father and family play a massive role in her success. The skating prodigy says that she could not reach here without her parents’ support.

Atlet Skateboard Cilik Indonesia Deg-degan Tarung di Asian Games Aliqqa Noverry
Aliqqa Noverry

Once a friend of Aliqqa told her mother that the selection process would be held for the Asian games. Initially, her mom didn’t give much attention to it, but she said Aliqqa about it one day. The little girl really wanted to compete in it. At the time of selection, she was the youngest there to participate. Aliqqa says that she participated because she just wanted to show everyone that she is strong enough. She usually went forward and competed. She was very anxious while waiting for the result and was shocked to know that she got selected. It was one of the most significant achievement for the young girl to participate in Asian Games 2018 at such a young age. 

An Upcoming Skating Star

Aliqqa’s love & passion for the skateboard is only growing day by day. She hopes to be a skater as amazing as her role model, Sky Brown. She is all about speed because she does tricks that are very challenging & require breakneck speed. The young girl is an inspiration for the youngsters who want to make a skating career.

Global Child Prodigy Awardee | Aliqqa Noverry

Aliqqa Noverry won the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 in the category of skating. She was also one of the Top 100 child prodigies of the world.

Winner of Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020

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