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“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”- Mahatma Gandhi

Businesses can give you the chance to change the world and to influence others. Alexander Knoll does the same thing. This world-changing innovator has transformed and made a difference in the lives of many people around the globe. 

This child prodigy has incorporated kindness into his daily routine and this quality makes him stand out from everyone else. For him, being and Entrepreneur is a joyful experience. According to his parents Brian Knoll and Anne their child is “tech-savvy past his years”


Fifteen-year-old Alex Knoll is a tech founder and the inventor of the ability app. Ability App helps people with disabilities to find accessible services near them. This app provides a breakdown of various restaurants, cafes, parks and their facilities which is pertinent to a wide variety of disablement. It also includes an eye-tracking software which makes the app user friendly 

Alexander knollwith ability app

“Alex wants to go out and reward those businesses that have chosen to make themselves accessible”

“It needs to be accessible to all disabilities. That’s what will set this app apart”


It all started when Alex was just nine years old, he saw a man in a wheelchair who was struggling to open a manual door.

Alexander knoll ability app

He was not a mediocre kid and therefore with his exceptional abilities, he started researching only to find out that it’s not easy for people with various impairments to know about the accessibility features of regional business in that particular area. 

“I never really paid much attention or was aware of the challenges that people with disabilities face until that day and once I saw that man. My eyes opened to people with disabilities and struggles”:- Alex Knoll


In 2017, he was a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she presented him with a $25,000 check, interestingly he was in middle school when he received this.

Alexander knoll in Ellen DeGeneres Show,

He met his role model Tim Cook on the Ellen show where he broke into tears of Joy. Knoll featured on Time Magazine for Kids, NBC News, BBC, Sky News, The Irish Times, and The Washington Times, and so on. 

Alexander knoll  in meeting


Knoll has made kindness as the driving force in his business and he has encompassed that in his mission, story, and even branding. He hopes to encourage youngsters to develop their own business. Amusingly, he is an award-winning speaker, advocate, and an innovator. Notably, he has also spoken at many conferences throughout the world. 

“I like to tell people that anything is possible if you put your mind to doing something and you stay focused and just keep going. You should continue to keep moving forward and stay positive”: – Alexander Knoll


Alexander Knoll is a Global Child Prodigy Awards winner. He was listed under the top 100 prodigies as well.  It is the first Award ceremony aimed solely at recognizing a child’s talent and power in different categories like dance, music, arts, acting modeling, science, innovation, and sports. If you know a child who deserves to be on this list, make sure to click here

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