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An Autism Savant Poet, Henriett Seth F.

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Music makes the mood relaxing and refreshing. One such personality who started playing the flute at the age of 8 is Henriett Seth F, a Hungarian musician. She is not only a musician but a writer, artist and an autistic savant poet. She was born on 27th October 1980. In her early childhood, she didn’t make any eye contact. After 7 years of a birth that is in 1987, she faced refusal from all the primary schools in a town regarding her admission application because of a communication problem. Although she was placed in art and music class she never sang songs. So, she was then sent to a mentally handicapped primary school by the two teachers in 1989 but she remained in art and music classes. 

A Great Musician – Henriett-seth-f

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When she was 8, she began playing the flute and at the age of 10-12, she played the contrabass. In many concerts in the Garrison, she became a part of it until the age of 13. For art and literature, at the age of 18, she won the Géza Gárdonyi Prize. Henriett has raven IQ above 140 and MAWI (Magyar Wechsler Intelligence Test) above 120 with some of the part under IQ 90. Therefore, she was an autistic savant poet. 

Won Prize at Literature Competition

For Friderikusz Sándor’s documentary film she was invited and it was seen by 700,000 people in 2005. The title of this documentary film was Esőlány (Rain Girl). Henriett entitled novel entitled Autism- Another World, in 2006. The University of Pécs published her work in an anthology.

Henriett Seth F. (Henrietta Fajcsak) - Esolany 6 (Rain Girl 6)

In an International Literature Competition in 2000, she was the winner of the 6th price when she was 19. In June 2007 she showed her last artwork in Brody Sandor Public Library. Then after, altogether she gave up creative writing when she was of 25 years.

Gave up her Career

At a very young age of 13, she gave up her creative music career altogether. She was 25 when she gave up her creative writing career altogether. Lastly, before the age of 27, she also gave up creative painting altogether. 
Henriett has nearsightedness, childhood autism, astigmatism, mitral valve prolapse, 3 autoimmune disorders, strabismus, orthopedic diseases and other physical disorders

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