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Future Aspirations Of Kedar Narayan

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Coding is something that adults also don’t find so easy, and obviously, it’s not. But, 12-year-old Kedar Narayan has mastered it at such a young age, and that’s what makes him a child prodigy. He has loved coding, mathematics, and problem-solving since his childhood, and works so hard to achieve greater heights in these fields. The young boy already owns a company known as ‘Heart For Wildlife,’ that focuses on helping the environment & sells nature-friendly objects. In a recent candid talk with Global Child Prodigy, Kedar Narayan talks about his interests, journey, future aspirations, and many more things. Keep reading to know more!

More About Kedar Narayan

Kedar started learning to code at a very young age. His mother used to help him with coding as she was a computer scientist but quit her job to teach Kedar. The young boy says that his mother is his brainstorming partner. He has learned lots of programming languages so far and still learning. Other than coding, Kedar is also a math prodigy. He told us that he always learned mathematics in a standard way.

The 12-Year-Old Boy Is Founder Of 'Heart For Wildlife' - Kedar Narayan - GCP  Awards Blog
Kedar Narayan

Kedar founded the company, ‘Heart For Wildlife’ to help the environment. He told us that he has now gained a lot of clarity about his business. He also created an app called ‘Pollinator for a Pet‘ to expand his reach. A few mentors guide him for all this. Kedar says that his company is doing well and they have some great ideas.

Future Aspirations Of Kedar Narayan

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The coding prodigy

Kedar told us that his short-term goal is to earn $10,000 for his business. After that, long-term-wise, he aims to have multiple income streams like his companies, stock markets, books on his own courses, etc. Kedar wants to use this income to innovate more things to solve the problems of people. Other than that, Kedar wants to become a chess master at an international level as he loves to play Chess.

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One Among The World’s Top 100 Prodigies

In January 2020, Kedar won the Global Child Prodigy Award for his exceptional skills at such a young age. He is also listed among the world’s Top 100 child prodigies.

The 12-Year-Old Entrepreneur Talks To Global Child Prodigy | Kedar Narayan
GCP 2020 Awardee – kedar Narayan

The GCP Awards is the first-ever award event of its kind that recognizes young talents from all around the globe. It celebrates child prodigies from different backgrounds, such as painting, modeling, writing, dancing, music, innovation, entrepreneurship, sports, etc.

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