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Fun Games For Kids To Play And Be Social With

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A toy is a very special thing in every child’s life. They can relate to those toys. Games are the mean through which a child develops his/her mental health and physical fitness. There are a lot of fun games for kids that can be played.

Nowadays, we all have mobile phones with extraordinary technology and a long list of popular games in the form of applications which attract the young mind. Parents often worry and questions the counselors that how they can draw the attention of children towards traditional games, according to research scientists suggest that traditional games help children in learning new things so that they can move along with the growing world.

The big question is what are those innovative games that can draw their attention towards skills?

Fun Games For Kids To Develop Social Skills

Social skills are quite necessary in this growing world of politics where there is no scope for morality. Some games that might help your child to develop social skills are:

1.  Improvisational Storytelling

To play this game you don’t need many resources, the things which you will need are just some cards depicting emotions and some players.

The game is simple to play, the player has to pick a card of any emotion and use that particular emotion in one sentence, (for eg: the player picked the card in which it was written scared, now the player has to form a sentence with that like, once upon a time, I was scared) then the other players have to complete the story along with the emotion cards.

2.   A Staring Contest

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Have a contest with eyes among children, whosoever will blink will lose. This popular game helps in building a competitive attitude among children and also helps in increasing their concentration power.

3.  Books about Idioms

Use as many idioms you can in front of your child, to improve their vocabulary, ask them to make a book about idioms along with pictures to make them visualize.

Fun Games For Kids To develop physical skills

Invention and regular use of technology have made children a couch potato, it is our responsibility to keep them moving instead of making them sit in a single place.

1.  Hula-Hoop

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A hula hoop is an awesome indoor activity that keeps your child busy and strengthens their core muscles. Make fun challenges for them, ask them to try the activity while walking, jumping, or spinning it around arms.

2.   Freeze Dance

Everyone likes dance party right? This fun game is very popular among children and is also easy to play with. Play a good song for your children to dance on and pause them after a while, they need to freeze at that time.

3.   Hunt!

Organize a hunt that spreads across a large area, just hide small items or toys in different places, give them hints and ask them to search for them.

These were some amazing games for children to play and learn with. We are all well aware that what a 21st-century child needs because we are on the same side of the coin, and that is why we need something different to increase their curiosity.

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Bharti Bisht
Bharti Bisht Creative Content Writer at GCPA | Four Years of Experience in Content Writing Feel free to contact me at