From a Son of a Milkman to Junior Golf Champion| Shubham Jaglan

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Stay true to yourself and listen to your inner voice. It will lead you to your dream.” -James Ross

From Fields To Fame

Shubham Jaglan has seen it all, from Haryana’s fields to the Delhi Golf Club to international tournaments to a CNN feature! But the fifteen-year-old, whose father works as a local milkman, believes that this is just the beginning.

Shubham with his family

As Jaglan says, “Don’t let the wind determine your direction,” carefully analyzing his moves, he is a pro in every strike. Being an Indian amateur golfer who won the Junior World Golf Championships in 2015, Shubham is also a World Record holder, under 9 Classic Junior Open, 2012, and is recipient of the “NDTV – Emerging Player” and “Margdarshan” awards.

Self-Taught Prodigy | Shubham Jaglan

Although he has over 100 awards to himself today, this little boy started at humble roots, when an NRI named Kapur Singh began to a golf academy in his village. Shubham enrolled there by his grandfather, while the rest of his family opposed it. Unfortunately, the academy shut down.

shubham juglan putting away!

But this didn’t stop Jaglan – he continued to practice in a small patch of land in his backyard, with Youtube videos’ help. Soon, this self-taught prodigy was discovered by the Delhi Golf Foundation, who granted him admission into the Delhi Golf Club and a scholarship of two lakh rupees a year.

There has been no looking back, and Shubham and his father shifted to Delhi for further training.

Global Child Prodigy Awardee

Global Child Prodigy Awards, the world’s first and only award ceremony solely dedicated to recognizing unique and talented children, awarded Shubham Jaglan in 2020. Moreover, he was listed under the Top 100 Prodigies List of 2020!

Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee|Shubham Jaglan

Speaking about his sacrifices, he says, “Well, I didn’t had to sacrifice a lot, but my parents did. They’ve been with me in my every step. When I shifted to Delhi, many people said it would be very hard to survive and continue to make my mark in this field. But I was going to get an opportunity to do what I love and get a great education. What else could I ask for? It’s all about how well you utilize and seize the opportunity and if you do that well then you don’t have to sacrifice a lot and go all out of your way to achieve what you want”.

Don't let the wind determine your direction | Shubham Jaglan ...
Shubham Jaglan in TedX talk

Having given his debut TedX talk as well, Shubham has some excellent advice for aspiring golfers. He urges kids to do what they love most, as they will enjoy it. The boy who came from a remote village says that anything can be achieved if one is determined. Although he considers himself too young and inexperienced to give advice, he asks youngsters to stay motivated. To aspiring sportsmen like him, he says to live their dream and passion every day and works towards it.

Shubham With President of India!

We are certain that this young star will one day make our country proud!

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