Everything To Know About Child Ear Piercing

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Baby ear piercing is a tradition across many cultures. Parents should let their children make this decision for themselves when they are old enough. It’s hard to navigate between cultural values and professional consensus. So, when can you pierce a baby’s ears? Is it even safe to plug a newborn’s ears? Here’s all the answers of your worries.

Right Age to Pierce Your Child’s Ears?

The appropriate age for ear piercing should be the child’s choice. Commonly, piercing your infant child’s ears isn’t ideal. The simple reason being that a tiny infant lacks the immune strength to fight an infection, if it happens. Therefore, ear piercing after the baby is at least 6 months old or older is better. It is advisable to wait until your child is about 9 or 10 years old.

Methods of ear piercing

The method of piercing depends on the area where piercing would be carried out. Often piercing services make use of a mechanized gun with sterilized studs. Tattoo studios are also a great option. They use sterile surgical needles and provides an extra level of hygiene over the mechanized gun. Many parents often take children to a trusted jeweler, a fine gold wire is the piercing tool here.

Who should pierce your child’s ear?

Children should get their ear pierced by the professional using clean and sanitized tools.

Mostly, families trust their traditional piercers who have been doing it for generations. However, the piercing by professionals is safer as they use proper gloves and hygienic, sterile tools. They also keep first-aid kits at hand.

Ways to minimize pain during the ear piercing

1.A topical anesthetic cream made out of lidocaine is used by the professionals. The cram numbs the area and lessens the pain. Apply generous amount of it for about 15 minutes or so.

2. Ice can also be used to minimize the pain. Hold an ice cube on the earlobe tends to reduce the sensitivity of the nerve endings in that area for a short period.

3.Nothing can reduce the pain ultimately. Distracting the kid so she doesn’t notice the pain initially is also helpful. Hold her hands tightly during the process. Deep breaths are also great way to calm down.

Best Metal for Earrings

The metal for the earring should be free from any allergy causing alloys.

Surgical stainless steel earrings are ideal metals. They have no alloys to cause allergies. Hence, the safest choice for the baby’s first earrings. Earrings for children are also available in other metals like platinum, titanium, and the popular 14-carat gold. Avoid white gold earrings as they contain nickel, an allergy causing metal. Doctor’s recommendations should also be considered.

Safety Measures

1.Avoid piercing your child’s cartilage. They take time to heal. With improper care, it can lead to the formation of keloids.
2. Always keep the child’s long hair tied in ponytails to prevent the hair from entangling with the earring. Avoid contact of products like hair spray, hair gel, and perfumes from the ears.
3. Any medical concern should be approved by your doctor.

Signs of Infection After Ear Piercing

Improper care can cause the hole to get infected. The infection is often in the form of swelling and redness in the area of the ear. It can cause itchiness and pain. Any drainage from the pierced area signals for the pus formation. The consultation of the doctor is vital in case of any inconvenience . You can also use antibiotics to fight off the bacteria. The healing might cause the hole to close up. You can get the ear pierced again after healing.

What to do after ear piercing?

The piercing causes the skin to be exposed to the outside bacteria.

The pierced area is quite sensitive and exposed. Extra care and hygiene should be undertaken while attending the wound. Avoid touching the ear in any case. The sensitive area needs to be cleaned regularly..
Moving the earrings will keep the hole in proper shape. But don’t play around with the piercing before the wound is entirely healed.

Activities to Avoid After an Ear Piercing?

Do not let the kids engage in extreme physical activities right after piercing. Swimming is also off limits as there are germs in the pool may infect the wound.
Ear piercing for children is an enthusiastic event making them quite happy and excited. Many kids tend to see their parents’ earrings and want the same for themselves. Take proper care to prevent infections.

The Global Child Prodigy wishes you Happy Parenting.

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