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Emanne Beasha ‘s USA Tour With Andre Rieu

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It is obvious that the beautiful voice of Emanne Beasha can easily catch the attention of anyone. But she has also managed to catch the attention of the great musician Andre Rieu. He invited Emanne to join him on his US tour, which was a significant achievement for the singing prodigy. It was like a dream come true for her.

Who Is Emanne Beasha?

Emanne Beasha is an incredible young singer of Circassian descent from Florida. She is getting attention from people all around the world because of her beautiful and pleasant voice. At a very young age, she has managed to achieve great success.

Emanne Beasha  #walkoffame in #hollywood
Emanne Beasha

Emanne Beasha received the Golden Buzzer during the audition and was the winner of Arabs Got Talent in 2017. She had also appeared on Little Big Shots in 2018. Emanne was an opera singer in season 14 of America’s Got Talent and was among the Top 10 contestants in it. The star girl Emanne has won millions of hearts worldwide because of her beautiful voice. She has more than 90K people followers on Instagram. 

Singing Sensation Emanne Beasha Joins Andre Rieu’s U.S. Tour

Emanne Beasha was invited by Andre Rieu to join him in the U. S. Tour March 2020. Due to the Covid pandemic, the tour only performed its first performance in Tampa, Florida, in March 2020, and the remainder of the tour is rescheduled. It will be announced as the situation becomes normal.

Vocal sensation Emanne Beasha joins André Rieu's USA Tour
Emanne Beasha USA Tour

“The first time I heard Emanne Beasha sing, I had tears in my eyes, because her voice is so beautiful. She is an exceptional talent, and it will be wonderful to have her on stage with us in the USA. I am sure, Emanne will move the hearts of my audience the same way she’s moved mine,” said Rieu

Dutch violinist Andre Rieu is one of the most commercially successful classical musicians alive. He founded and toured with the Johann Strauss Orchestra. He was the second-highest-grossing live performer in the world during that period, only after Celine Dion. Andre Rieu has reached 30 No.1 chart positions and around 500 platinum awards. His videos on YouTube have gained over a billion views, and over 5 million people follow him on Facebook.

Winner of Global Child Prodigy Awards 2020

The Global Child Prodigy is the first and only organization to recognize talents from various countries and backgrounds, having extreme competency in their field of interest such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc. 

Emanne Beasha in global child prodigy awards.
Global Child Prodigy 2020 Awardee| Emanne Beasha

Emanne Beasha received the Global Child Prodigy Award in January 2020 for her talent of singing. Her name was also among the top 100 prodigies of the year.

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