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The 13-Year-Old Art Prodigy Paints ‘Living Art’| Elisabeth Anisimow

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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” – Pablo Picasso

When Elisabeth Anisimow moves her little fingers on a blank canvas, it is almost impossible to predict which masterpiece will take birth on the canvas. The art prodigy, also known as Lisa, is a young artist who sees the world through a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and fantasy. According to Lisa’s website, looking at her work is like you enter a dream through a child’s lens with the sophistication and maturity of an adult. 

The Young Art Prodigy| Elisabeth Anisimow
The Young Art Prodigy| Elisabeth Anisimow

Early Life | Elisabeth Anisimow

Elisabeth Anisimow was born to Russian parents in Los Angeles. She showed an interest in art at a very young age. She started painting when she was two and gained prominence for her watercolor paintings at age seven. When she was a toddler, her mother used to take Elisabeth and her older brother to the magnificent St. Petersburg museums, where Elisabeth spent a long time gazing at the art.

Elisabeth Anisimow's painting
Elisabeth Anisimow’s painting

When she first tried drawing, it was immediately evident that she had art skills. The 13-year-old artist is a hard-working and internationally recognized art prodigy. She has incredible artistic experience and a website showing her works. 

Elisabeth Anisimow
Elisabeth Anisimow

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Elisabeth’s Signature Style

At the age of nine, Anisimow got inspiration from the works of Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Claude Monet. Her signature style is to integrate painting on live models into a painted environment that she creates. Lisa has made her most significant piece of this kind in 2019 when she was got an invitation from Hong Kong to make a large living art installation titled Christmas Muse Garden. This work took more than eight months to prepare. After the Hong Kong project launch, the artist also held a series of live painting sessions in the K11 Musea space.

Elisabeth's painting
Elisabeth’s painting

The child prodigy particularly likes to paint her face. “It is a bit like trying on a new identity or showing the inner me, which I do not normally expose. A new face kind of lets me do whatever I like without getting recognition,” she says.

Global Child Prodigy Awardee 2020

The Global Child Prodigy is an award ceremony which is one of its kind. It is based on recognizing young talents worldwide. The GCP Awards list includes the children having extreme competency in their field of interest, such as painting, modeling, writing, entrepreneurship, martial art, music, social work, etc. 

Global Child Prodigy Awardee| Elisabeth Anisimow

Elisabeth Anisimow received the Global Child Prodigy award in January 2020 for her excellent art skills. She was also among the Top 100 prodigies of the year. 

Lisa’s Future Goals

Elisabeth never got the chance to receive classical art training as she is a self-taught artist. She says that she would like to study in a contemporary art school in Berlin or Japan. “I love painting because I can express myself easily,” she said. 

Elisabeth Anisimow
Elisabeth Anisimow

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